Dive in and discover FINDING NEMO

Dive in and discover FINDING NEMO
The Finding Nemo phenomenon continues this summer in mid January, with the highly anticipated DVD and video release of the biggest animated feature of all time! Finding Nemo is the highest grossing animated film ever released in Australia!

Finding Nemo, a Walt Disney Pictures Presentation of a Pixar Animation Studios Film, will see you immersed in the breathtaking underwater world of Australia's very own Great Barrier Reef, as the hilarious and touching story of a father's love for his son, unfolds.

Nemo, an adventurous young clownfish, is unexpectedly taken from his Great Barrier Reef home by a diver and unwillingly relocated to a dentist's office aquarium. Nemo's worrisome father Marlin is panic-stricken and together with Dory, a friendly but forgetful blue tang fish, they set out on an epic journey to find Nemo and bring him home.

Throughout their quest, Marlin and Dory prove to be the ultimate comedic duo as they come face-to-face with new-age vegetarian' sharks, surfer-dude turtles, hypnotic jellyfish and hungry seagulls in their search to find Nemo.

Finding Nemo's breakthrough computer animation will take you into a spectacular new world with this undersea adventure about family, love, courage and overcoming obstacles. Brimming with laughs and overflowing with emotion - you'll find yourself watching Finding Nemo over and over again!

The unforgettably lovable characters are played by superior voice talent including Albert Brooks as Marlin, Alexander Gould as Nemo and Ellen DeGeneres as Dory. Australian talent is outstanding with Barry Humphries as Bruce the great white shark, Geoffrey Rush as Nigel the pelican and Eric Bana as the hammerhead shark.

Spectacular scenery and the heartfelt emotion of Finding Nemo make this film an absolute gem to own on DVD and video. The amazing two-disc Collector's Edition DVD submerges the viewer deep into the world of Finding Nemo, with an original short film, exciting never-viewed-before scenes, a humorous Pixar studio tour, a fun interactive game, virtual aquariums, an exclusive making of' documentary, and much, much more!

Finding Nemo is a Walt Disney Pictures Presentation of a Pixar Animation Studios Film, from the Academy AwardŽ-winning creators of Toy Story and Monsters, Inc. It is available in all major DVD and video retail outlets from January 16 2004.

Rated G for General Exhibition
Recommended viewing for children aged 2 - 8 years.

Kids Quiz - Finding Nemo

  1. Nemo and Marlin live in:
    A: An anemone
    B: Seaweed
    C: Coral

  2. Bruce, Anchor and Chum are:
    A: Forgetful stingrays
    B: Vegetarian sharks
    C: Bad-tempered swordfish

  3. Clownfish are:
    A: White with four orange stripes
    B: Orange with three white stripes
    C: Orange with four white stripes

  4. Of the creatures listed, who is not part of the Tank Gang?:
    A: Gill (the archer fish)
    B: Bloat (the puffer fish)
    C: Squirt (the sea turtle)
    D: Jacques (the shrimp)

What your child can learn from Finding Nemo

Character Traits
  • Nemo is adventurous, curious and impressionable. Despite his weak fin, Nemo yearns for adventure.
  • Marlin is a loving and responsible father. He is protective, cautious and persistent.
  • Dory is friendly, hospitable, sociable, and forgetful. She would love to chat with you all day and tell you her life story... but she can't remember it!
  • Bruce is a reformed fish-eater, jovial and the leader of the pack.
  • Gill is wise, experienced, jaded with tank-life.

    Movie's key message
  • Never give in - persist and you will eventually achieve your goal.
  • Look out for your friends.
  • A parent's love is very powerful.
  • Teamwork can help you achieve more than you can achieve by yourself.

    Why it's good for your child

    Your child will love the brilliant underwater world portrayed in Finding Nemo as it enables viewers to explore a world that is largely unknown.
    The colourful sea-life scenes, unforgettable characters and hilarious storyline will keep your child enthralled for hours.
    Finding Nemo also includes positive social messages relating to family (Nemo and Marlin are a small but close family), friendship (Marlin and Dory become loyal friends as they search for Nemo) and bravery (Nemo and Marlin show extraordinary bravery when faced with adversity).
    Children can learn that teamwork and cooperation are vital to success and achievement.

    How parents can use Finding Nemo to aid development

    Examples from Finding Nemo can be used to illustrate certain lessons for children. For instance, children can be taught the dangers of wandering away from their parents - when Nemo ignores his father and swims towards the boat out in open water, he finds himself in trouble.
    Ask your child to try and identify all of the different varieties of sea-life in Finding Nemo. For example, ask them what type of animal Anchor, Peach and Nigel are (Hammerhead shark, starfish and pelican).

    Allow your child to use their imagination and pretend they are fish swimming in an underwater world.

    (Answers: 1=A, 2=B, 3=B, 4=C)

    Find Nemo and the Tank Gang at the Melbourne Aquarium

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