Five Minutes More DVD

Five Minutes More DVD

The gentle tale of five best friends who live on a beautiful patchwork quilt and take us on wonderful journeys and adventures. From the familiar worlds of the child's bedroom, Faraway the Aardvark, Louisa the Polar Bear, Florrie the Dog, Sam the Monkey and Georgie the Penguin lead us into one of the quilt's many patches....and another world.

In each episode one of the characters takes its turn to narrate a story as three of their friends become actors before our eyes. The world they create is as likely to be the house next door as it is the Arctic Circle, or the hill beyond the house, or even the deepest, darkest jungle. They might be explorers, princes and princesses, eccentric inventors, avid collectors, magicians, dancers or musicians around whom the storyteller weaves a wonderful tale....

The pre-school series combines dramatic narrative and storytelling with super cute 'animatronic' puppets (based loosely on beanie toys) and puppetry from some of the world's most accomplished puppeteers including Nigel Plaskitt (Spy Story, Labyrinth, The Muppet Christmas Carol, Lost in Space, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy), and Adam Kronenberg (Raggs, Farscape, Bambaloo, Feral TV).

Five Minutes More is an enchanting series produced and directed by some of the biggest names in children's television. Director Mark Barnard's previous projects include 'Bananas in Pyjamas', 'Ferals TV' 'Mr Squiggle' and 'Play School'. Executive Producer Angus Fletcher served as President of Jim Henson Television, Europe up until late 2003. Australian producers Justine Flynn and Donna Andrews have worked as producers, co-producers and/or creative developers for such programs as 'Blue Water High', 'Raggs', 'Bambaloo', 'Active Kidz' and numerous Nickelodeon projects. All episodes are written by Jan Page (Angellina Ballerina, Thomas the Tank Engine) and Mellie Buse (Planet Cook, Charlie & Lola).

In Five Minutes More parents and children both will recognise the 'real-time' story delivery - complete with interruptions, questions and detours. Five Minutes More is as much about realising and creating stories as it is about the art of storytelling. It encourages children to use their imagination, to visit faraway places, to be anything they want to be. Children can take this whole idea and create stories in their own home.

Five Minutes More is a wonderful, peaceful world - the perfect antidote to the fast-moving images and sounds that compete for a child's attention. The soft hand-sewn look of the series gently draws pre-schoolers in. It's the style of storytelling that makes it so that they (and you) will want to stay for Five Minutes More.

RRP: $19.95

Review: Five Minutes More is both entertaining for children and parents. Providing interesting stories with a clever storytelling technique, stories are fun and full on life learning lessons that children enjoy.

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