Vtech DJ Beat Boxer

Vtech DJ Beat Boxer

DJ Beat Boxer is a pawsome new musical friend. DJ is a music-mixing pup, so children can scratch her head, boop her nose, shake her paw, press her ear or push the buttons on her headphones to hear her go. Each interaction adds layers to the music so children and DJ can create a new song together.

Pressing her headphones buttons starts a rhythm and adds in backbeats or harmonies. They can add cool record-scratching sounds by scratching her head or touch her nose for an air horn effect. Children can even press DJ's ear to record a quick phrase to drop into their song. Her head will nod along to the music while her jowls flap to the beat. When they give DJ lots of love, she'll bark, sneeze and more. Children can just cuddle cute DJ or create a mix that moves them to the beat!


Vtech DJ Beat Boxer

RRP $69.95

DJ Beat Boxer is suitable for 5+ years and is available from late August at Big W, Target, Myer, good toy stores and online retailers.



Review: DJ Beat Boxer is cute, clever and lots of fun for preschool & early primary school.  A child's best friend, DJ Beat Boxer is not only cuddly but with entertain kids for hours.  Younger children may need help to learn how to record, but once they pick it up hours of fun. Fun sounds and role playing, brilliant toy for Christmas.  Don't let the cuddles distract you, this toy is total interactive fun!



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