Dr Martens Boots Up in the spirit of freedom

Dr Martens Boots Up in the spirit of freedom
Self-expression. It starts as an idea, a glimmer - a spark. It develops and gains momentum, and takes on a life of its own, transforming throughout the creative process - a continuous metamorphosis. Such is the very essence of Dr Martens. Like you, Dr Martens is constantly evolving and this season has moved into a new phase - an eclectic mix - a product of our culture, of expression, and the things happening in the world around us right now.

Instead of marching to the beat of the big brand dictators, the new collection will give you the platform from which to launch yourself into the new winter season - totally open for your interpretation - helping you to stand out from the crowd by experimenting with your own individual creativity.

The Originals Collection, still identifiable as Dr. Martens, features a mix of the brands heritage, like the distinct Docs shape and contrast stitching, coupled with exciting new laser-etched patterns and brushed leather finishes. Still carrying the defiant attitude of old, the Originals are for those discovering Dr Martens freshly for the first time or for the die-hard Docs wearer living the irreverent counter-cultural cult.

The Dr. Martens Mens Collection branches out into sleeker, more slim-line, units highlighted by oversized stitch and perforation details, and dusted with powder finishes to create a worn, well-loved aesthetic. Long-wearing and totally comfortable - like your oldest, most favourite pairs of Docs - the mens collection in not only all about how you feel and how you like to look but who you are. Cutting edge deconstructed detailing and new canvas/leather combinations make a bold statement and a definitive break with the past.

The heart of the new Dr Martens Winter Range is the latest Womens Collection. It will blow you away with the diversity of its beautiful boots, practical pumps and playful t-bars. Heeled high-leg boots makes their debut to the range, from cowboy to streamline dress styles ensuring theres something to inspire everyone. The colour palette extends from chalk white and buffalo tan, through romantic rose and theatre red, to barky browns and coal blacks, and added appeal is all in the detail - studs, buckles, tassels and subtle stitching. With this range, Dr Martens has created the once-thought impossible. Ensuring comfort has not taken a back seat to style, - each unit has been built on the base of the Dr Martens patented air-cushion sole, allowing you to not only look great but to feel great, for hours on end.

Every shoe Dr Martens has ever made has something in common, and that will never change - the qualities that were there from the inception of the very first 1460 boot - the spirit of freedom.

The new collection is available in all good stores from March 2007

For more information on what Dr Martens is up to this year world-wide, log on to: www.drmartens.com

Australian Stockist number: 03 9427 9422

Review: Beautifully stitched boots with soft leather for extreme comfort. New styles are easy to wear to dress clothing up or down.