David Attenborough: Wildlife Specials

David Attenborough: Wildlife Specials

David Attenborough: Wildlife Specials

The biography of the stars of the natural world: close-up and powerful

The world.s leading natural history film-makers meet the world.s most charismatic animals. Narrated by David Attenborough this 2-disc collection of Wildlife Specials features six incredible films from the world.s leading natural history film-makers. Captivating, action-packed, and full of wonder and fascinating facts, each documentary uses new filming techniques and reveals new behaviours and stories.

Crocodile tells the story of a killer from the age of the dinosaurs. These giant reptiles have survived for 70 million years. They may be fearsome monsters but are also caring parents, gently carrying their young around in gaping jaws.

Eagle flies with the world.s majestic birds of prey as they pluck sea snakes from the water and chase after kangaroos. Never before have golden eagles been seen soaring to great heights and dropping tortoises like bombs to crack open these tightly sealed snacks in shells.

Leopard offers us the ultimate wildlife experience. Leopards are seen hunting in the pitch black for the first time. Revolutionary infra-red cameras draw back the black curtain of the African night to show the leopard in its natural element.

Polar Bear enters the bear.s den for the very first time, and brings us pictures of new-born cubs. The bear is also filmed crashing through the ice walls of seals. dens and gracefully taking to the icy water. Producer Martha Holmes and cameraman Doug Allan were stranded on an Arctic ice floe for 20 anxious hours while making this courageous film.

Humpback Whale dives into the deep and finds that this so-called gentle giant is really a sophisticated and frightening predator. Packs of whales let rip deafening screams to terrify herrings, then net them with a ring of bubbles before swallowing the shoal whole.

Wolf comes face to face with the most persecuted animal on the planet. Until now little has been known about the wild wolf. On the Canadian prairie, packs taunt and bring down huge buffaloes, and in the heart of werewolf country,Transylvania, wild wolves have moved into town to scavenge for scraps.

Unlimited filming in the field brings a complete picture of the species in its natural habitat, while the passion of the film makers and their skill at story telling draws us into the life of each animal and by the end, we feel we know them. Extras include "The Greatest Wildlife Show on Earth. & "Great Natural Wonders of the World..

A fascinating, mesmerising journey in our Wildlife as seen through David Attenborough. Wildlife Specials is informative, and shows rare insights into the animal kingdom. Truly remarkable.

David Attenborough: Wildlife Specials
RRP $39.95 2-Disc Set