Colgate Visible White

Colgate Visible White

Six in Ten Aussies Wish they had Whiter Teeth

What's the one thing most Aussies dream of? Apparently it's a white smile, with a new poll revealing 67% of Australians wish they had whiter teeth.

The research, conducted by Colgate to celebrate the launch of their new Colgate Visible White toothpaste, also revealed that Adelaide residents rate their teen the best, with 22% admitting to already having white, bright and healthy teeth. Now, thanks to this new premium whitening toothpaste, more Australians can try and achieve the whiter, healthier looking smile they're dreaming of, because looking food means feeling good!

Colgate Visible White is a fluoride toothpaste which helps to safely remove surface stains like those caused by coffee and tea, whilst preventing new stains from forming. Best of all it has been designed fro daily use so it also fights cavities and helps to prevent tartar to make sure you are taking great care of your teeth.

With the cost of a single professional teeth whitening treatment ranging anywhere from $600 to $2,000, home daily routine products, such as Colgate Visible White are a cheaper and more convenient alternative.

According to the research, people working in hospitality and tourism are most concerned about their teeth with 86% wishing they were whiter- suggesting a whiter smile makes them feel more confident. Interesingly plumbers and other tradespeople rate their teeth the best with 19% rating their teeth as 'great-white, bright and healthy'!

So don't let your teeth let you down! Feel confident and stand out of the crowd with new Colgate Visible White!

Colgate Visible White is available now from all leading supermarkets and pharmacies for only RRP$7.99.