Bulgari Le Gemme Imperiali

Bulgari Le Gemme Imperiali

Bulgari Le Gemme Imperiali

Inspired by and suffused with Bulgari's most evocative gemstones.

These precious stones, from diverse continents, Transport us on a journey to other worlds and times…

Splendia: A name that evokes the beauty and splendor of the Queen of all Jades. Noble and majestic, a woman of great seductiveness who conveys elegance and sophistication. A ravishing fragrance that expresses the majestic elegance.

Irina: Inspired by the purest white jade and its aura of peacefulness, respect and generosity. Esteemed by Goddess Nüwa, known in ancient Chinese mythology for creating mankind and repairing the pillar of heaven, and the symbol of purity and ultimate feminine perfection.

Desiria: The soul of this aromatic fragrance is purple jade, a rare, exuberant gemstone of scintillating grace and seduction. It was the favourite of Yang Yuhuan, one of the mythic Four Beauties of Ancient China whose allure was infinite, as gentle and desirable as that of a lotus flower.

Available from David Jones and boutique stores.
RRP: $436