One of the worlds premier live concert experiences Beyond the Darkside returns to Sydney and Melbourne for three special performances at The Sydney Opera House on Friday May 8 and at The Palms at Crown on Friday May 22 and Saturday May 23 staging a three-hour live spectacle that recreates all the excitement and captures the essence that is Pink Floyd.

Performing the hits of the early years culminating in the entire Dark Side Of The Moon album, the 9 piece band is the largest of its kind and has garnered rave reviews and accolades the world over, building on a reputation for going far beyond the standards of any similar act with its authentic sound and near perfect rendering of the original spectacle.

Named after legendary Georgia blues men Pink Anderson and Floyd Council, Pink Floyd were undoubtedly the greatest mainstream rock phenomenon in the world, Dark Side of the Moon being a pivotal album in the history of music, selling a staggering 40 million copies world-wide making it the third best selling album of all time worldwide.

Even now, almost 40 years after this group of middle-class University students orchestrated the British psychedelic pop scene of the sixties, Pink Floyd continues to captivate its audience with its atmospheric, introspective anthems exploring the evocative and timeless themes of loneliness, alienation, madness and death.

Beyond The Dark Side recreates the psychedelic visual display and acoustic dimensions of an original Pink Floyd concert experience, capturing the imagination and artistry that Pink Floyd fans have become accustomed.

This is the largest production of any Pink Floyd show in the world, and the largest show ever to be seen here in Australia since the real thing, according to its UK creator, musician (lead and acoustic guitars and lead vocals) Kevin Hunt.

Friday, May 8: Sydney Opera House, Sydney, NSW
Friday, May 22: The Palms at Crown, Melbourne
Saturday, May 23: The Palms at Crown, Melbourne