BeautyMate Every Bloke Pack

BeautyMate Every Bloke Pack
With Summer just around the corner it's time to talk about looking after your skin in the hot summer months... and we're not talking about the ladies!

With Spring Racing, Cricket, beach outings and summer BBQ's coming up, we'll all be exposed to that famous HOT Aussie sun. So what can you blokes do to look after that blokey complexion?
Beauty Mate to the rescue....

Favourite Male Beauty Tips:
Go easy on your face when shaving - full of aloe vera and natural anti-oxidants plus a fresh, herbal fragrance - to soothe that dreaded redness and tenderness. Go easy on your face and switch to a super-close, super-smooth, super-duper shave with Beauty Mate Shave Gel - it's foam free!
Available in 125 ml, RRP $14.95

Stay cool and keep clean - there's something very cool about peppermint, and it's been captured with its icy, spicy appeal in Beauty Mate Face Wash. It's fresh, invigorating and vaguely akin to getting doused with a bucket of cold water. In a good way. Derived from natural plant ingredients and free from harsh chemicals, Beauty Mate Face Wash is gentle enough to use every day, and is sure to leave your skin in, dare we say it, mint condition.
Available in 150ml, RRP $14.95

Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise - got the message? Not just any moisturiser though, it must have sunscreen! Beauty Mate Moisturiser with sunscreen is an absolute must have during the summer months. A top-notch moisturiser can help with both dry and greasy skin. By properly hydrating, nourishing and protecting what lies beneath with ace vitamins (vitamins A, C and E, to be precise) and natural anti-oxidants, but omitting the oily additives, Beauty Mate Moisturiser will leave you with healthier, better looking skin.
Available in 100ml, RRP $19.95

Look after your locks - shampoo, condition and sculpt with these faves:
Beauty Mate Shampoo - will help you rinse away the remnants of your day's work with natural, plant-derived foaming agents. We've left out the harsh chemicals that can irritate your scalp and bring tears to your eyes, and replaced them with cleansing peppermint, menthol and ginseng. Finally - a shampoo you'll be proud to leave in plain sight. Suitable for all hair types.
Available in 200ml, RRP $14.95

Beauty Mate Conditioner - moisturise, nourish, strengthen and restore your hair's former glory with this unique pear, mint and vanilla scented conditioner.
Available in 200ml, RRP $14.95

Beauty Mate Shape hair product - Sculpt, twist, mould and shove even the most infuriating head of hair into a bit of a masterpiece with Beauty Mate fibro Shape. It's got a pleasant citrus/coconut fragrance locked into it, and you won't have to deal with any buildup or stickiness.
Available in 100gm, RRP $19.95

Beauty Mate Form hair product - With a faint scent of citrus and coconut and no waxy or oily buildup, Beauty Mate Form will keep your locks in order with a versatile, flexible hold, leaving you to concentrate on keeping up your outstanding work.
Available in 100gm, RRP $19.95

Beauty Mate is available nationally from Coles and selected Target stores.
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