Alaïa Blanche Eau de Parfum

Alaïa Blanche Eau de Parfum

Alaïa Blanche Eau de Parfum

If Mr. Alaïa's eau de parfum was born from a childhood memory -- 'a bucket of cold water thrown against a wall of scorching chalk" -- and the freshness that lies therein, the newly conceived eau de parfum blanche is anchored in another episode rising from his labyrinth memory - a visit to The Alhambra of Granada.


With delicate openwork marble subduing the rays of sunlight;  its gardens softened by the shade of almond trees, the Alhambra of Granada, gem of Spanish medieval architecture, immediately fascinated Monsieur Alaïa.


This memory between light and shade inspired the Eau de parfum blanche:

The top note of almond creates a white impression.

At the heart, the floral impression radiates in contact with heliotrope.

And the base note, the bare skin impression – signature of Alaïa fragrances, is enriched with a vanilla absolute.


Between eau de parfum and eau de parfum blanche, a relationship of perfect complementarity arises, a dialogue between black and white, between sensual refinement and a return to origins.


The Alaïa woman lives as a goddess of modern times - active, dynamic and beautiful. She consistently reconstitutes herself with eau de parfum blanche, envisioned for her by Mr. Alaïa. Because, according to the beautiful definition of Vassily Kandinsky that the designer once whispered to me, 'white acts on our soul just like silence, just like nothingness, before any beginning."



Alaïa Paris EDP Blanche 30ml $92.00

Alaïa Paris EDP Blanche 50ml $124.00

Alaïa Paris EDP Blanche 100ml $168.00


Available 16th October, 2016 exclusive from David Jones stores.