[yellow tail] Pretty in Pink

[yellow tail] Pretty in Pink

[yellow tail] Pretty in Pink

[yellow tail] wants to bring some sparkle back to your Valentine's Day with its Pink Bubbles. Not to be cast as the shy blushing beauty, this sweet little number will make you fall in love with sparkling wine all over again with the millions of tiny bubbles that create a soft creamy palate.
[yellow tail] Pink Bubbles begins with soft floral aromas that lead into a cheeky blend of strawberries, red cherries and a hint of spice that can create a flavoursome yet approachable wine to share with that special someone.
However if the romantic scene is not for you this Valentine's Day why not enjoy some [yellow tail] Pink Bubbles just because…

To give it more of a sense of occasion (if you feel it needs) get together with your friends and create the:

[yellow tail] Pretty in Pink


1 bottle [yellow tail] Pink Bubbles
1 cup of Lemonade
1 punnet fresh Raspberries
½ cup Basil
1 Lemon sliced

Pink food colouring
Caster sugar


Place sugar in container. Add a few drops of food colouring to sugar and shake to distribute.
Place sugar on small plate
Use lemon wedge to rim glass and place upside down on sugared plate and turn clockwise and anticlockwise to get sugar coverage around the top of glass
Add all ingredients to a jug, stir and serve.

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