[yellow tail] Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc & Rose

[yellow tail] Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc & Rose

[yellow tail] Sauvignon Blanc and Rose

Spring into Summer with these fresh releases from [yellow tail]

Nothing says Welcome to Summer like your first BBQ of the season- you slip on a pair of thongs, toss a salad, burn the snags, and ensure a chilled glass of wine is always within reach. Just in time for the sunny season, [yellow tail] have not only released a brand new varietal to the range, Sauvignon Blanc, they have also released their 2009 Vintage Rose- both perfect for summer entertaining.

Sauvignon Blanc is now Australia's number one white wine varietal, representing 31% of total bottled whit wine sales and continuing to grow at a rapid pace of 32%*. This reflects a growing trend of consumers enjoying lighter, fresher styles of wine, especially as the weather warms.

Available nationally from November, [yellow tail] Sauvignon Blanc adds a splash of fruit from the Marlborough region of New Zealand to provide a crisp, vibrant citrus and passion fruit boost that consumers crave. The tantalising palate of limes, tropical fruit and green apple complete the mix, providing all the hallmarks of the [yellow tail] range, well known for being fruit-forward, easy-to-drink and approachable.

Not one to be left out, Rose also continues to grow in popularity, particularly in the warmer months of October to March. [yellow tail] Rose is the perfect summer afternoon drink- mid bodied, with low tannis, it is soft yet approachable. Aromas leap from the glass with a lifted bouquet of fresh strawberries and spice, while the vibrant palate incorporates sweet red cherry flavours and a little Aussie sparkle.

The [yellow tail] Sauvignon Blanc and Rose are priced in line with the rest of the range and provide great value at $9.99 a bottle.

[yellow tail] Sauvignon Blanc and Rose provide an affordable alternative in what can turn out to be an expensive season, they don't compromise on taste or quality, and can be enjoyed, anywhere, anytime. So when the BBQs are done and dusted, grab a glass of your favourite [yellow tail] varietal, let the evening breeze cool you down, and say cheers to the end of another fabulous season.

[yellow tail] Sauvignon Blanc and [yellow tail] Rose are available at all major liquor outlets nationwide and retail for $9.99.

[yellow tail] Pinot Noir

Indulgence just got easier with the new vintage (yellow tail) Pinot Noir.

Pinot Noir is like the new girl that everyone wants to be friends with. She swans in, brimming with understated confidence, bold yet subtle, and just a little bit out of your league. Before you can blink everyone is clamouring to get to know her better.

But (yellow tail) has a secret- they have just released their 2009 vintage Pinor Noir, by fat the best vintage yet. It combines all the elements that make Pinot Noir the fastest growing red wine varietal in Australia, while still fitting the (yellow tail) mould; fruit-forward, easy-to-drink, and approachable. In short, Pinot Noir can now be everybody's new best-friend.

(yellow tail) Pinot Noir incorporates fruit sourced from the highest quality cool climate vineyards around Australia. It has all the much loved essentials of a good quality Pinot Noir- wafts of strawberry and violets are lifted by dark cherry, and the palate is light with soft, velvety favours of plums and spice.

Despite a recent growth in popularity, Pinor Noir is still the most expensive out of the major red varietals on the market, with the average bottle, setting your back almost $20*. Priced at $9.99, yellow tail Pinot Noir provides an incredibly affordable alternative that doesn't compromise on quality or flavour.

The 2009 Yellow Tail Pinor Noir is the finest vintage yet, and is deliciously ripe and ready for drinking. What better way to introduce yourself to Pinot Noir? This is a great introductory wine for people who are new to the varietal (and want a new best friend).

* Pinot Noir averages $18/43 per bottle versus a total bottled red average of $11.78. AC Neilsen Scantrack MAT June 2009.

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