[yellow tail] Pink Moscato

[yellow tail] Pink Moscato

[yellow tail] Pink Moscato

Isn't Life Sweet! [yellow tail] introduces new pink Moscato!

Family-owned Casella Wines, makers of Australia's iconic wine brand, [yellow tail], is set to introduce a pink Moscato! The new product has joined the already well-loved and multi-award-winning white Moscato.

[yellow tail] Moscato is a little bit sweet, a little bit fizzy and a lot of fun. Slightly lower in alcohol and best served chilled, this variety is a refreshing mid-afternoon wine to enjoy with friends.

There's no denying that this Italian varietal is fast gaining momentum in the popularity stakes. [yellow tail]'s founder, John Casella, is of Italian descent and he has embraced the varietal originally from the homeland of his father and grandfather.

"We always keep a close eye on wine trends and when the sweeter Moscato styles were proving to be popular, I was delighted to add the variety to our product range.
"The wine is very approachable and easy to drink, and it has a festive edge that is appealing to people who like to enjoy a glass of wine with friends at social events. We always aim to provide a great-tasting wine at an affordable price-point and I think we have achieved that with these wines," said John.

The new pink Moscato will land on Australian shelves in October, adding a touch of colour to the already colourful [yellow tail] range. Flavours of fairy floss, sherbet and delicate floral notes fill the mouth and the wine has a fine and enticing fizz... just for fun!

[yellow tail] white Moscato was introduced to the [yellow tail] range at the end of 2007 and has proved extremely popular as the number two Moscato in the $10 price category. It is full of summer fruit flavours such as peach and pear and crushed green grapes.

Some of the wine industry's most respected experts have been impressed by the quality of [yellow tail] white Moscato, awarding it Best Muscat in Show and a Double Gold Medal at the 2011 San Francisco International Wine Competition - arguably the most influential wine show in America.

[yellow tail] Moscato and [yellow tail] pink Moscato are available for RRP $9.99.

Enjoy the taste of summer with [yellow tail] Moscato, a light refreshing wine that the ladies will love enjoy relaxing with friends.