Curatif Masterita Box

Curatif Masterita Box


Curatif, makers of the world's best premix cocktails (coincidentally produced on Aussie shores), are inviting tequila lovers to embrace their inner cocktail connoisseur this Margarita Month (February 1- 29, 2024) with its limited-edition Masterita Box, exclusively available at during February.

Implementing their world-renowned focus on creating best-in-class cocktails, Curatif has taken its mastery of the Margarita and released six carefully curated incarnations of its ready-to-serve Margarita formats; Salted Blueberry, Pineapple, Cherry, Blue, Mango, and Mezcalita in a box that yields a dozen agave spirit cocktails sure to tantalise the tastebuds of even the most discerning connoisseur. The diverse range of flavours features a hand-picked  election of premium tequilas, mezcals and liqueurs from makers such as Tequila Tromba, Los Arcos, Ilegal Mezcal and Melbourne's own Marionette, that have been meticulously blended with fresh fruits to deliver a delicious and luxurious range of bar-quality, ready to serve, sip and savour cocktails.

For those looking to mix things up this Margarita Month, swap out a traditional Tommy's or Spicy Margarita for something a little more fruity from the Masterita Box to celebrate in style. From the delectable smoky flavours of the Mezcalita, to the enchanting and engaging notes of Curatif's Salted Blueberry Margarita, this unique offering gives consumers an opportunity to discover why Curatif was awarded RTD Producer of the Year in October 2023 at the prestigious IWSC Awards in London for the second year in a row, becoming one of a handful of producers in the world to receive two producer
trophies in last 50 years of the IWSC program.

"We're mad for Margaritas. I mean, really we love all cocktails, but a great Margarita is a time-machine that transports you from a dreary Thursday to a sandy-toed, sun-drenched afternoon on the beach. We spent years getting our Tommy's Margarita perfect before we launched, and I think that relentless pursuit of better than bar quality has been the perfect foundation for this project. These are the most requested, most loved Margarita formats out of our Club program and our cocktail aficionados love them for a reason – they're bloody delicious!" says Curatif's Managing Director Matt Sanger.

To make this Margarita Month even more memorable, during February any Masterita Box, Tommy's Margarita or Spicy Margarita product purchased via will automatically go in the draw for a chance to win from a range of covetable prizes. Curatif has partnered with Melbourne Jeweller, Pinky Blinder on an exclusive 9 carat gold and sapphire signet ring design featuring a hand-engraved scorpion as well as a cactus motif – with a ring to be given away each week of Margarita Month. Fun fact: The stunning Mezcalita label design was also a collab with Pinky Blinder. Further details on all prizes and T&Cs can be found here.

Launching in 2019, Curatif is 100% Australian and produced locally in Melbourne, with all of the brand's packaging being recyclable and mostly made from recycled products. Curatif partners with leading brands to create world class cocktails, with the existing range including; Archie Rose Espresso Martini, Bar Bambi X Amaretto Sour, Tequila Tromba Tommy's Margarita, Jacoby's Tiki Bar X Trader Vic's Mai Tai, Plantation Fancy Pineapple Rum Daiquiri, Spicy Margarita and Never Never Distilling Co Negroni.

"We have launched the Masterita box so that cocktails-lovers can enjoy impeccably crafted and convenient cocktails wherever they are celebrating this Margarita Month – from a dinner party with friends to date night, the unique flavour profiles on offer in this limited-edition release are sure to hit the spot. Simply shake, pour over ice and add your choice of garnish for a special finishing touch," adds Matt.

Curatif's Masterita Box is exclusively available on during Margarita Month for an RRP of $130.00 (box of 12). After that time, it will ride off into the Jaliscan sunset!

Tasting Notes:

• Salted Blueberry Margarita: Curatif originally designed this cocktail as a collaboration with Village Cinemas for the release of Wonka. The brief was to make something like Wonka would make – outrageous but delicious, colourful, surprising, moreish and irresistible. The subtle French blueberry dances on the palate in a sublime ballet with the savoury, textural agave notes – there's an almost perfect marriage of serious and silly. And while it may not make you float up to the roof or turn blue, it might make you do a little dance.

• Pineapple Margarita: There's much ado in the spirit and cocktail world about agave spirits, most well-known of course is tequila and its savoury cousin mezcal. Tequila is a protected denomination of origin (like Champagne, Cognac, and Parmigiano Reggiano, among others) that is managed by the Tequila Regulatory Council (CRT). Fundamentally, tequila is an agave spirit that is made from 100% Blue Weber Agave (Agave Azul) in the five authorised regions, including Jalisco where the town of Tequila is located. Los Arcos is an agave spirit that is made from 100% Blue Weber Agave in Jalisco, however the agave itself is sourced from outside of the region (in the lowland valleys). The agave that the team procures is all at least six years of age, which means that mature agave is used to create this outstanding spirit. Curatif loves the rich, grassy, salty, agave notes that are pot-distilled into the Los Arcos spirit, and looked to find the perfect partner for those elements. And they found it – the fastest growing agricultural crop in Mexico over the last decade, pineapple. Perfectly juicy pouty pineapple takes centre stage bringing fresh and vibrant tones upon which there is a ravishing symmetry of the verdant and savoury lushness of the agave spirit. Curatif included some fresh lime with the pineapple to bring that tart pop that ties this whole delicious treat up in a zingy, zesty bow. Super fresh, super fun.

• Cherry Margarita: Curatif has balanced perfectly the red fruit flavour profile to create something interesting, refreshing, delicious, and a little bit silly. Expect raw earthiness initially, with mouth-filling cherry tones balanced evenly in both sweetness and texture by agave. Avoiding the overly confected elements of faux cherry, Curatif leaned right into the cherry that comes straight off the tree, chasing texture and elementally organic notes. The result is delicate and decadent – the perfect dessert Margarita. This is a Tommy's style rita, but is just as excellent served in a tall glass with a salted rim.

• Margarita in Blue: If you've ever escaped with a Curatif cocktail you would know that although the brand is very serious about making great drinks, not all great drinks have to be so serious. Cue Curatif's friends and neighbours at Marionette Liqueurs. Marionette's blue curacao is created using Navel, Seville, and Blood oranges, as well as mandarins all sourced locally from a 3rd generation farmer in Mildura. The result is a cleverly complex, almost confectioned orange citrus balance against the unmistakably elegant agave of highland tequila blanco – Tromba – with the fresh lime juice that so reliably drives the perfect precision of acidity you would expect from a Curatif cocktail. The sum of its parts – this is serious fun. Best enjoyed among the flamingos, over ice, wearing rollerskates.

• Mango Margarita: This is everything that is right with mango, tequila, and lime, and none of the things that are wrong. No misstep into oversweetness, no slipup into under-delivering on agave, all the while juking past over-confection. Mango upfront is a bite straight into the (cubed of course) cheek of perfectly ombre mango, sun sweetened with a tinge of that lovely fibrous sour flavour you get on the day the mango is just ripe. Understated tequila, formative and structural lime – it's a holiday in a cup. Meanwhile the grassy, saline and vegetal notes of the agave put the bow tie on the Hawaiian shirt, producing a savoury structure that perfectly complements the fanciful fun of the mango. Enjoy with the sun on your face.

• Mezcalita: Everything about this cocktail oozes vintage cool. This is a collaboration cocktail with Melbourne based jewellery maker, Pinky Blinder who creates incredible handmade jewellery, including the rarer-than-hen's-teeth Masterita Ring in collaboration with Curatif. This cocktail utilises Ilegal Mezcal, also handcrafted in Oaxaca, Mexico. Ilegal has sophisticated and ultra-cool smoky elements that create a smoldering and delicious backdrop for the usual Margarita style characters to play out their roles. The lasting and intriguing combination reads like a story, with notes of stone fruit and charcoal sailing through a strait of zesty and fresh lime, tempered with the calming winds of agave nectar imparted sweetness. Cool, savoury, smokey, and delicious –
best enjoyed on late nights with loud music.



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