Modus Cerveza Beer

Modus Cerveza Beer

Leading independent Aussie-owned brewery, Modus Brewing, is pleased to announce the extension of their Mexican-styled range, with the addition of bottled Cerveza Mexican Lager and Australia's first spiked Tepache.


It's no secret that Aussies love a good Mexican beer. In fact, it has been the fastest-growing beer import in recent years, with brands like Corona having nearly 7% market share of all Australian beer. However, what many Aussies don't realise about their favourite Mexican go-to's, is that they are one of the beverage industry's biggest carbon footprint drivers, with imported Mexican brands guilty of emitting 2kg of incremental CO2 per case by the time they reach Australian shores!1 That's the weight of a six-pack for every case purchased.


Given Australia's famous beach lifestyle and access to incredible ingredients that come sourced directly from local farmers, this has inspired a new wave of homegrown 'Mexican-styled' brewing across the country, with Modus launching the 'Cerveza category' in 2020 with the introduction of their Modus Cerveza. 

Inspired by Coastal Mexico, but brewed on this side of the Pacific, Modus Cerveza has quickly become a budding favourite amongst easy-drinking beer lovers, and now will be available in glass bottles nationally, meaning Aussies can access the flavours and experience of a Mexican beer, except made on their own home turf, and supporting local producers through the non-profit organisation, Rural Aid. By switching to a Modus Cerveza, it will also help consumers reduce the carbon footprint created by imports of other Mexican lagers like Corona and Sol.


To coincide with this relaunch comes an Australian first: Modus Tepache (te-par-shey) – a spiked pineapple-infused beverage inspired by the traditional Mexican street-side recipe. A favourite across Central and Northern America, Tepache is a fermented beverage slightly milder than Kombucha, that combines pineapple and cinnamon to create a crisp, refreshing and wholly new style of alcoholic beverage. With sustainability in mind, all ingredients used in Modus Tepache are 100% natural and sourced directly from Aussie farmers; with all elements of the pineapple used in the production of this zesty little number.


Modus is excited to continue to build the Cerveza category in Australia, placing regional farmers at the very core of production and development. Modus has therefore entered into a partnership with Rural Aid whereby $1 of every case of Modus Cerveza sold will go towards assisting and providing vital support to families in the heart of rural Australia. Modus hopes more Aussies can make the switch, reduce their CO2 footprint and help them reach even more farmers across Australia. 


Modus Brewing's Co-Founder Jaz Wearin says, "I grew up on an 11,000-acre wheat and sheep farm near Rankin Springs, and it was the community of farming families that became so integral to providing support and assistance to one another, especially through difficult drought and flood seasons. When I got into brewing over a decade ago, I knew that supporting Aussie farmers needed to be a core focus for the Modus brand. In the same way brewers rely on favourable weather conditions to get the best malt and hops they can, these farmers feel the effects triple-fold, and so we are very excited to be launching this Cerveza $1 per case initiative in order to support these Aussie farmers through Rural Aid. We hope the transition to glass bottles inspires more people to make the switch to the only Aussie-owned Cerveza vs. all other imported or foreign-owned ones, and help us in our mission to back Aussie farmers as best as we can and reduce the carbon footprint of the beverage industry."


Modus Cerveza

A crisp and classic beer inspired by coastal Mexico, Modus Cerveza is a light drinking lager (4.2%) which is now available in 330mL glass bottles. The new bottle format helps consumers easily make the switch to support a lower CO2 footprint and local aussie owned brewers and farmers in a style that replicates some of the most mainstream Mexican beers.

Tasting Notes: Crisp classic beer inspired by coastal Mexico brewed on the beaches of Australia.

RRP: 6x 330mL Pack $21.00.

Modus Cerveza will be available from Coles Liquor stores nationwide.


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