[yellow tail] Piccolos

[yellow tail] Piccolos

[yellow tail] Piccolos

What's not to love about sparkling wine to help celebrate the big - and small - things in life? In fact it's the small things that can catch you unaware and bring a welcome wave of good cheer. In honour of small things, [yellow tail] has introduced three new flavours of sparking wine in 200ml mini bottles. [yellow tail] Bubbles, Pink Bubbles and Moscato piccolos, that are also available in the much loved 750ml form, have popped into retail stores across the country in the new convenient sipping size.

Keep them chilled in the fridge and congratulate yourself on small accomplishments. Like missing peakhour traffic, surviving the working week, or finally making the time to catch up with the girls. Enjoy them with a straw from the bottle or in traditional Champagne flutes - it's the ultimate gesture of femininity and fun!

Wendy Harmer of The Hoopla (www.thehoopla.com.au) recently tasted the wines. Here's what she had tosay...
[yellow tail] Bubbles
Loving the little bottle - small, but perfectly formed. And a screw-top! Hooray for the preservation of the $30 manicure! Plenty of fine and delicate bubbles in the glass and not too sweet to taste. I like that. A flinty, dry, sophisticated taste that I usually associate with very expensive Champagne. Clean, dry and a nudge in the direction of lovely grapes, rather than being run over by a tractor.

[yellow tail] Pink Bubbles
Is there anything that doesn't benefit from a tinge of pink? This wine is quite subtle. The main difference between this and straight [yellow tail] Bubbles is the slightly sweet (raspberry, rose petal, cherry-ness) in both appearance and flavour that I adore.

[yellow tail] Moscato
This is a delicious treat that's only missing a kiss and a round of "Happy Birthday". For your friends who love to live life on the sweet side, this is the one. I would serve this at the end of the evening with dessert and watch everyone dissolve in a sweet embrace. A lovely floral aroma and flavours of tropical fruit.

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[yellow tail] Bubbles, Pink Bubbles and Moscato 200ml are available at leading retail outlets acrossAustralia for RRP $4.99.