More Action.... More Special FX...
More Mutants

More Action.... More Special FX...<br>More Mutants


Available to Own on DVD and Video October 29, 2003.

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment announces the highly anticipated DVD event of 2003 X-Men 2. Be prepared for an electrifying new story, eye popping special effects, unpredictable plot twists, cool new characters and hours of bonus material! X-Men 2 is available to Own on DVD and Video October 29th, 2003.

Reunite with the acclaimed ensemble cast from the Original X-men blockbuster, including Hugh Jackman, and Academy Award-winning actress Halle Berry, in the next generation of this Epic Live-action "EVENT" superhero franchise.

Hatred and distrust brew between human and mutantkind. An unprovoked mutant attack on the President gives General William Stryker (Brian Cox) his long-awaited opportunity to wage all-out war against the mutants. A war that would leave only one race victorious.

Xavier (Patrick Stewart), Wolverine (Hugh Jackman), Storm (Halle Berry) and the other X-Men must unite with their old adversary Magneto (Ian McKellen) to prevent a devastating confrontation that could destroy everyone on the planet.

In X-Men 2, acclaimed director Bryan Singer delivers state-of-the-art special effects, explosive action and one twist after another. X-Men 2 takes excitement to the Xtreme!

Taking a $155 million at the US box Office, X-Men 2 has taken the world by storm. The 2 disc set is crawling with over 7 hours of bonus material, a video version, and the ultimate X- Men Box set featuring X-Men 1.5 and X-Men 2.

The box set is fully loaded an amazing 10 hours of bonus material!

The HOT cast includes: Patrick Stewart, Hugh Jackman, Ian McKellan, Halle Berry, Famke Janssesn and Anna Paquin.

Director: Bryan Singer
Rated: M15+
Feature Running Time: 128 minutes

Available on DVD and Video NOW!

Sensational, for those of you who are die hard X-Men fans, you are going to love this. Not only is the movie non stop mutant action with loads twists and turns, so that you are on your seat waiting with anticipation for another favorite mutant to be revealed, but its also packed with plenty of extras about the film for additional enjoyment.



    Audio Commentary by Bryan Singer, John Ottman and Tom SigelAudio Commentary by Lauren Shuler Donner, Ralph Winter, Michael Dougherty, Dan Harris and David Hyter

    DISC 2
    Featurette: The Secret Origin of X-Men
    Featurette: Nightcrawler Reborn

    4 Multi-Angel Fight Sequences - Night Crawler Attack
    Featurette: Evolution in the Details - Designing X-Men 2
    Featurette: United Colours of X

  • PRODUCTION - Six Featurettes/Documentaries:
    Wolverine Deathstrike Fight Rehearsal
    The Second Uncanny Issue of X-Men Making X-Men 2
    Introducing the Incredible Nightcrawler
    Nightcrawler Stunt Rehearsal
    Nightcrawler Timelapse
    FX2-Visual Effects

  • POST-PRODUCTION - Two Featurettes:
    Requiem for Mutants-The Score of X-Men 2
    X-Men 2 Webcast Highlights

  • DELETED SCENES - Eleven Deleted Scenes:
    Extended Wolverine/Deathstrike Fight (Approx. 2:30)
    Wolverine Kills The Intruder (Approx. 0:22)
    Mystique In Stryker's Files (Approx. 2:53)
    Nightcrawler Bamfs To Save The Students (Approx. 0:30)
    Jean And Storm In The X-Jet (Approx. 1:09)
    Jubilee At The Museum (Approx. 1:15)
    Pyro Starts The Campfire (Approx. 0:20)
    One Of The Children Is Sick After Bamfing (Approx. 0:13)
    Rogue Helps The Children Escape (Approx. 0:30)
    Professor X And Cyclops Escape (Approx. 1:37)
    Arriving To An Empty School (Approx. 0:41)

    8 Static Image Galleries
    Graphics Gallery
    Museum Stills
    Production Design
    Gus Dyas Gallery
    Promotional Artwork

    Trailer X-Men 2 Theatrical Trailers

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