X-Men The Last Stand

X-Men The Last Stand

You are invited to pick sides in the ultimate fight between good and evil with X-Men: The Last Stand, available to own on DVD.

A choice must be made between the X Men and the Brotherhood in the final chapter to the X Men trilogy.

Sworn to protect the world that both loves and hates them, the X Men are a group of heroes both blessed and cursed at birth with mutant abilities that set them apart from mankind. Gathered together by the mutant telepath Professor Charles Xavier in hopes of bridging the gap between mutants and mankind, the X Men have been trained to use their diverse powers for good. The next chapter in the X Men franchise finds the mutants still living in a society that mistrusts them. Struggling to find their place among humans, the mutants continue to face challenges.

With mind blowing special effects, adrenaline pumping adventure and an all star cast, X Men: The Last Stand will leave you screaming for more!

Wolverine - Hugh Jackman
Storm - Halle Berry
Magneto - Ian McKellen
Charles Xavier - Patrick Stewart
Jean Grey - Famke Janssen
Rogue - Anna Paolin
Mystique - Rebecca Romjin
Cyclops - James Mapsden
Iceman - Shawn Ashmore
Pyro - Aaron Stanford
Colossus - Daniel Cudmore
Beast - Kelsey Grammer
Juggernaut - Vinnie Jones
Kitty Pride / Shadowcat - Ellen Page
Angel - Ben Foster
Callisto - Dania Ramirez
Multiple Man - Eric Dane
Leech - Cameron Bright
This 2 disc DVD set features some great bonus material that is split between the two interactive menus. Material includes:

  • Brett Ratner's Production Diary
  • Audio commentary by cast and crew
  • Evolution X - the Trilogy through the cast and crew's eyes
  • Gag reel
  • Deleted scenes
  • Alternate endings
  • Featurettes

    Take a stand this October with X Men: The Last Stand on DVD!

    Review: The Phoenix unleashed, and we see a host of new characters enter the X-Men portfolio. Awsome special effects. Those of you who are long standing X-Men fans will enjoy the addition of a wide array of characters on both sides, that you will recall from cartoons including Beast, Juggernaut, and many more.

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