Xiomara Australia

Xiomara Australia

Xiomara Australia

Debuting at Rosemount Australian Fashion Week, Xiomara Australia made a huge impact at this year's event which marked 15 years of innovation. On display at the EMERGE exhibit, guests were invited to take a glimpse inside the extravagant Xiomara Shoe Palace with model Hannah Ubl showcasing Xiomara shoes to reflect a different theme each day.


Parisian Elegance
Dressed in Xiomara 'Cecilia' black strappy sandals made of pure duchess silk and decorated with Swarovski crystals, Hannah epitomized regal grandeur draped over an antique stool provided by Future Antique Furniture.

Garden Glamour
Wearing Xiomara 'Margarita' gold strappy slingbacks made of pure duchess silk adorned with Swarovski crystals, Hannah gracefully displayed garden glamour seated in a magnificent hanging egg chair from Domayne.

Bathing Beauty
Togged up in bathers and Xiomara 'Germaine' platforms finished in purple suede swathed with a matching blossom, Hannah posed with poise combining the contrast of splash and suede in the Wessex bathtub from Victoria & Albert.

Sexy Kitten
In a simple oversized white shirt with Xiomara 'Cinderella' platform peeptoe slingbacks encrusted in Swarovski crystals, Hannah radiated red hot magnetism positioned in a giant champagne glass from burlesque performer Rachel St James.

Live Lookbook
Suitably attired in a black swimsuit on the day of 'Swim Fashion Week', Hannah stood inside a gold ornate frame from Frame 88 to perform a live lookbook presenting an assortment of Xiomara shoes from wild animal pony hair peeptoes to stylish strappy sandals and classic courts covered in Swarovski crystals and garnished with Matsuno glass.

In addition to the Emerge installation, Xiomara shoes were featured on the runway at Swim Fashion Week completing the looks for swimwear label, Agua Bendita. A selection of slinky and seductive strappy sandals complemented the collection in a range of colours. Xiomara shoes for Agua Bendita included: -Cecilia in fuchsia pink, black, silver and ivory
-Margarita in fuchsia pink, silver and ivory
-Alberta in red