Wild Horses Nintendo DS Game

Wild Horses Nintendo DS Game

Live out your passion for horses!

Live out your passion for horses! You are Lisa, a young and passionate horse lover with an extraordinary talent for understanding and carying for horses. Embark on an adventure in search of the legendary golden horse, the Akhal Teke and discover the thrills of having your own horse.

Key Features

Ride freely! Explore 6 amazing places around the world on horseback!
Lots of exciting challenges including feeding, training, riding, competing, etc
. Choose from 25 breeds of horses and discover their different personalities
Freedom of movement - move around wherever you want to go
3D - variety of races and mini games
Adventure mode: an exciting adventure with many different missions to travel around the world searching for a lost horse
Arcade mode: mini games around horse riding (care-taking, riding, horse breaking) and a scoring system with prizes to be won
Multi player mode: 2 players can be connected through WIFI to race against each other or travel together in certain surroundings

About the Game
The most realistic horse simulation game
3D with realistic animations
Learn about horses and improve your riding skills
Travel the world
Engaging storyline

Review: Young girls love horses, but the reality of owning one is a lot harder than you would think. Let you pony princess practise on Nintendo DS Wild Horses and unleash the true caring nature within.

Rating: G
Ages: 5+
RRP: $49.95

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