White Knight Chronicles™ II

White Knight Chronicles™ II

White Knight Chronicles™ II

Developed by Level-5, White Knight Chronicles trade; II for PlayStation®3 (PS3 trade;), continues the story of Leonard and the colossal White Knight in a new epic adventure.

In the original White Knight Chronicles adventure, the rescue of a princess saw a kingdom rejoice in its return to peace. Now, as White Knight Chronicles II begins, this tranquility is about to be shattered by a terrifying new evil with roots a little too close for comfort.

Leonard, the young hero of White Knight Chronicles, finds himself sucked into a terrible new ordeal. Princess Cisna is alive, yet the Kingdom of Balandor is jolted out of its short-lived celebrations, its bunting and confetti lying limp in the shadow of the force which threatens to engulf it.

Despite possessing the ability to transform into the towering Incorruptus known as the White Knight, Leonard must rely on his friends - including your customised avatar - to step into the fray and haul Balandor back from the brink of destruction. Powerful new allies and the ability to call upon your own giant warrior help your cause; your courage, however, is the bedrock your crusade must be built upon.

With White Knight Chronicles II, the options are endless - team up online with up to five friends to tackle co-op quests, explore the vast fantasy world and roam freely across the land or create and adapt your own communal town. And if you're looking to relive Leonard's original adventure, the new White Knight Chronicles II comes with a fully remastered version of the first White Knight Chronicles.

Far-flung lands must be explored along the way, each with turmoil to overcome and enemies to grind into the earth. Suit up, follow in the footprints of the White Knight to save Balandor once more, and experience the second part of this fantastical saga.

Rating: PG
Platform: PlayStation®3 (PS3™)
Price: RRP $99.99

Review: Provides a great stress relief with it's multilevels and interesting graphics. Husband is addicted, and happy.