Uma Thurman is everything TAG Heuer

Uma Thurman is everything TAG Heuer
Hollywood superstar Uma Thurman is everything TAG Heuer is: elegant, glamorous, strong and prestigious. Like the Swiss watchmaking icon for whom she is a Global Brand Ambassador, she is not afraid to take risks, to seek out the most surprising and demanding roles Hollywood has to offer, and through sheer discipline, strength of character, natural grace and talent, turn in some of the most powerful and charismatic performances of her generation.

A living legend, Uma Thurman exudes glamour and prestige. Intelligent and audacious, uniquely mysterious and feminine, she personifies the myriad richness of the TAG Heuer woman.

For Uma Thurman and the exceptional women she represents, TAG Heuer proposes two new, trend-setting, ultra-glamorous and diamond-rich styles: TAG Heuer Haute Couture; and TAG Heuer PrĂȘt-Ă -Porter.

TAG Heuer for Women: The Haute Couture Collection

These exclusive, one-of-a-kind diamond creations express the fashion-future vision of TAG Heuer.

Special note: after the TAG Heuer for Women Event with Uma Thurman, and based on the reactions of the international fashion journalists present, one of the following Haute Couture collection products will be chosen for a special limited edition series.


The astonishing alliance of high-end jewelry and avant-garde technology, integrated into a daring version of a new timepiece: the first time that diamonds give time.

Only three single and exclusive timepieces will be created at the TAG Heuer workshop at the Chaux-de-Fonds with the value of 100 000€ each.

Imagine a gorgeous bracelet in red satin and positively dripping with Top Wesselton diamonds.

Press a button and some of the diamonds magically change color, illuminating the time in scintillating red diamond digital...

Diamond Time: an illuminating idea: With the Diamond Fiction, luxury Swiss watchmaking attains its feminine perfection.

An exceptional innovation, TAG Heuer's newest haute-joaillerie creation doesn't look like a watch, it's precious and pure, loaded with sexy space-age technology, yet designed exclusively for the fashion-forward female.

A luxury chronograph replete with 879 glittering diamonds and big, squared-off case in polished steel, this startlingly chic deluxe diamond digital masterpiece is classic TAG Heuer, reminiscent of some of the prestigious brand's most distinctive creations and marking the return to audacious form and provocative style.

The audacious Diamond Fiction surprises with its perfect beauty, mysterious form and unique powers of seduction. It is a deluxe diamond dream with indomitable feminine grace and seductive flair.

A true trendsetter, it will seduce "femmes fatales" and fashion-forward urbanites. In Paris, Rome, Cannes, Los Angeles, on the wrist of jet-setters and socialites; Hollywood stars like Uma, it stands out in any crowd because of its superlative sparkle, style and size.

Very exclusive timepiece the Diamond Fiction's unique shape is set with 879 Top Wesselton (5,8 carats) , full cut, VS/SI (1.1mm) diamonds. 54 of the diamonds (3,8 carats) hide LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) that display the time in glowing red. Available with red satin bracelet giving the timepiece a fiery hot and silky look that contrasts with the brilliance of multiple diamonds.

The Diamond Fiction is an assertively feminine timepiece for women of uncommon poise and confidence, for whom glamour is a passion, luxury of the essence, and indulgence an absolute necessity.

The TAG Heuer Denim Collection

Trendy Microtimer and Monaco, very trendy jean styles in luxury silk and denim for very fashionable women

To showcase Uma Thurman and the TAG Heuer women she represents, TAG Heuer called upon two designers that create the world's most sought-after luxury jeans: Paris couturier Vincent Dupontreué who has a boutique "rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré" and the Franco-Italian design team, Diamant Jean's. TAG Heuer has created a very sexy, feminine and trendy diamond-studded jean collection exclusively.

Vincent Dupontreué, whose exquisitely embroidered jeans are among today's trendiest collectibles, focused his attentions on two of TAG Heuer's most iconic lines, the high-tech Microtimer and square-faced Monaco.

The Microtimer Crystal Brazil sports beautifully embroidered parrots in Brazilian flag colors, painstakingly done by hand in tiny Swarovski crystals.

The TAG Heuer Monaco jean edition by Vincent Dupontreué is the Monaco Crystal Corals, with a coral motif.

The Monaco Purple

Steve McQueen's iconoclastic trendsetter from 1969 audaciously revisited in a single timepiece for Uma Thurman

After the huge, sell-out success of the MONACO PYTHON and WHITE MONACO comes this bold and ultra-glossy version of the big, square-faced watch made famous by Steve McQueen. Extravagant, with a hyper-brilliant, nail-polish luster to the dial and lizard leather strap, this is a resolutely glamorous timepiece that plays with the standard codes of masculine and feminine.

Exclusively designed for Uma, its brash originality and standout design make a bold statement, and it will definitely be among the most coveted accessories of the season. Very exclusive timepiece, TAG Heuer has created the Monaco Purple only for Uma.

TAG Heuer for Women: The PrĂȘt-Ă -Porter Collection

Fashionable and feminine TAG Heuer creations as loaded with diamonds as the Haute Couture prototypes but ready to wear now

Mini Link River of Diamonds

The perfect fusion of jewelry and iconic chronometry exclusively for the TAG Heuer woman

The launch of this spectacular "mini" Link Lady marks a high water mark for the iconic line of TAG Heuer Link timepieces. The most sinuous and sensual River to date, the exceptional and rare quartz steel creation boasts a full set of 241 Top Wesselton VVS diamonds (2.110 ct total) and 5 sapphires (0.076 ct total) for a total of carat on the watch including the bracelet of 2.186 ct...with 11 Top Wesselton VVS diamonds (0.081 ct) on its dark blue dial and 166 Top Wesselton VVS diamonds (1.577 ct) on its gorgeously feminine mini-link bracelet.

The striking, fine-polished steel bezel sports a further 48 diamonds (0.355 ct) with 4 blue sapphires at each quarter (0.030 ct). An additional 4 diamonds glitter on each horn (0.097 ct). To top it off, a single blue sapphire is perched on the fine-polished, non screw-in crown (0.046 ct) with a total carat on the case: 0.528 ct

Like all Link watches, the ravishing new River of Diamonds has all the architecture and assets you expect from TAG Heuer: high-precision ETA quartz movement; curved, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal; water resistance to 100 meters.

Link Chronograph Lady Diamonds

Uma Thurman is the perfect spokesperson for another new and glamorous timepiece in TAG Heuer's iconic LINK line, the Link Chronograph Lady Diamonds. Like her, the watch perfectly melds glamour with sporting elegance. A slim (33mm), superlatively sporty chronograph in polished stainless steel, its stunning white mother-of-pearl dial is adorned with 12 diamonds on the indexes and a further 56 diamonds on the fixed bezel with a total of 0.914 ct. Like Uma, it is a true jewel, singularly elegant and versatile, expressing both casual sportiness and ultra-femininity.

Link Lady Watch Bicolor Diamond Dial and Diamond Bezel

A precious new addition to the prestigious Link series, this piece is gold-rich and diamond-heavy: the emblematic S-link bracelet is gold-plated, the massive gold fixed bezel sports 52 diamonds and a further 11 diamonds mark the indexes on the white mother-of-pearl dial. A perfect fusion of sportiness (200-meter water resistance, double security bracelet fastener, sapphire crystal, screw-in crown) and elegant refinement (63 diamonds, 0,47 carats, case and bracelet in gold and stainless steel).

TAG Heuer Formula 1 Glamour Diamonds

This is a hip, high-tech and ultra-casual sports watch incorporating the classic TAG Heuer features that define a true high-end sportswatch. The only difference is the diamonds, the satin bracelet and the gorgeous mother-of-pearl dial. But what differences! 120 diamonds on the bezel for a total of 0.75 ct, the TAG Heuer Formula 1 Glamour Diamonds will be launched worldwide in August 2005.

New Aquaracer Lady Watch-Mother-of-Pearl Diamond Dial

Specially designed for women, the New Aquaracer Lady Watches are not mere reductions of the gents' sizes, but an entirely new line of modern, feminine timepieces in a stunning class of their own For an extra touch of glamour, the jewelry version: completely polished for the utmost elegance, with 10 hand-applied, Top Wesselton, pure VVS diamonds (1.2mm, Total carats 0.07) on the white, pink or blue mother-of-pearl dial.

New Aquaracer Lady Watch-Mother-of-Pearl Diamond Dial and Diamond Bezel

The deluxe jewelry version: Completely polished for the utmost elegance, with the diamond dial in white or pink mother-of-pearl, and the steel base of the unidirectional turning bezel set with 35 Top Wesselton, pure VVS diamonds (1.5mm, Total carats 0.48 carats).

New Aquaracer Bicolor Ladies' Watch

The gold version: 18kt gold-plated hands, bezel and polished central bracelet row, with silver dial, white mother-of-pearl dial, or the white mother-of-pearl dial set with 10 Top Wesselton, pure VVS diamonds (1.2mm, Total carats 0.07) diamonds.


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