Toni Pearen U Little Beauty Interview

Toni Pearen U Little Beauty Interview

Toni Pearen U Little Beauty Interview

Toni Pearen is one of Australia's most loved personalities. She is an accomplished actress, presenter and singer. But it is her new role as the face of U Little Beauty that has Toni singing a different tune. As a busy Mum with a toddler and a second baby on the way, Toni is always looking for new ways to look good and feel great while juggling a family and busy career. U Little beauty products don't cost the earth and support Toni's belief in choosing only natural and organic ingredients.

The Face Of U Little Beauty: "It's no secret, we're all getting older and no skincare brand can turn back the clock without using lots of toxic chemicals and charging a fortune. U Little Beauty makes my skin soft, nourished and deeply moisturised. The ingredients smell good enough to eat! The haircare products are 100% natural, which gives me comfort but also delivers great results.
"Also knowing the range is made in Australia and sourced from local ingredients, including the indigenous fruit Kakadu Plum, ensures I get a great quality product with low environmental impact. U Little beauty is good for you, good for the environment and good for your wallet."-Toni Pearen.

Toni's Favourite products: The Smooth Operator Facial Exfoliant; "It feels like a beautiful decadentcleanser, which smooths out the complexion".

The Vitamin C Serum; "I've really noticed a difference in my skin; it's an instant pick-me-up with long-term benefits of antioxidants. It's a breath of fresh air to find a skin and haircare brand that delivers a simple message with great results".

Natural Nourishment Hair Shampoo and Conditioner; "I can honestly say I've never used a better natural product. I get the same results as conventional hair care products without the nasty's."

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Interview with Toni Pearen

Question: When did you first start using U Little Beauty products?

Toni Pearen: Over year ago and my skin's never looked better.

Question: What inspired you to begin using U Little Beauty?

Toni Pearen: I'd been looking for a product like it. Something natural and organic, Australian owned and made and of course, effective. I love the use of the vitamin C rich, Kakadu Plum in all the products and also the fact it's affordable and available at Priceline which makes re-stocking easy.

Question: Do you have a favourite product from the U Little Beauty range?

Toni Pearen: It's hard to choose. I love the Vitamin C serum. I see instant results from it. The day and night moisturisers are very nourishing and hydrating. The facial exfoliator is mild enough to use daily to give your skin that extra glow and I'm loving the new hair range too.

Question: Do you use any of the products on your toddler? Will you use the U Little Beauty range on your newborn?

Toni Pearen: I use the shampoo on my 2 year old son, Lucky. They're 100% natural and organic with no nasty chemicals. I also use the body moisturiser on him when his skin needs some extra love. Lucky watches me cleanse and exfoliate in the bath with him so I think he's developing an appreciation for pampering! I'll definitely be using the products on No.2 baby.

Question: How important is it to use natural and organic products?

Toni Pearen: The fact there are no chemicals makes them perfect for sensitive skin. Also, your skin absorbs what you're putting on it so doesn't it make sense to use organic products.

Question: How did you become the brand ambassador for U Little Beauty?

Toni Pearen: They approached me to trial the product and I was so impressed I wanted to get the word out there to women that great products like this exist without the price tag.

Question: What are the main differences you have seen in using a organic beauty product compared with non-organic products you've used in the past?

Toni Pearen: My skin doesn't look treated or irritated by chemicals and my skin feels fresh and clean.

Question: Why is it important to you, to use a product made in Australia and sourced from local ingredients?

Toni Pearen: It's important because it hasn't traveled far to get to me. Also, using local products helps to support local resources and communities.

Question: Can you talk about the indigenous fruit Kakadu Plum, an ingredient in the U Little Beauty product range?

Toni Pearen: It's the highest form of Vitamin C in the world. 10 times of an orange. It's used in all U Little Beauty products. Vitamin C is vital in collagen regeneration and it's a powerful antioxidant. These things alone help your skin to look fresher and younger.

Question: What is your number one health tip?

Toni Pearen: Chew your food, drink lots of water and be grateful for the simple pleasures in life.

Interview by Brooke Hunter