Toby's Estate

Toby's Estate

Toby's Estate

Toby's Estate, one of Australia's leading specialty coffee providers, has reopened its signature café in Chippendale after refurbishing to allow consumers the chance to experience a true -Toby's experience'.

The makeover sees many new features unseen in any other locations with the site reflecting Toby's Estate's core values and unique personality. Firstly, the Chippendale café includes an updated menu with specialty dishes from Columbia, Brazil, Kenya and Panama reflecting the coffee's origins. Consumers can choose a range of exotic meals including Cascara pulled pork on prioche, Columbian seafood broth, Brazilian Acarajé, Peruvian scallop ceviche and Kenyan maharagwe chicken.

The signature venue will soon have extended trading hours; being open until 10pm Thursdays – Sundays in the coming weeks. The café is also supporting other local providers, with beer and cider from Newton based brewery being available on tap in the coming weeks.

'We are truly excited to be able to bring this experience to Sydney," said Toby Smith, founder of Toby's Estate. 'At Toby's Estate, we look to provide specialty coffee and an experience like no other. The refurbishment of our signature café will allow Sydney-siders to live, breath and taste the passion of Toby's Estate."

The makeover of the Chippendale location was decided upon to firstly allow consumers to experience Toby's Estate in a new way, but also to further fit in with the suburb's society.

'Chippendale is a buzzing inner-city suburb with rich culture," continued Smith. 'It is a clever mix of cafés, small businesses and homes and while very close to the CBD, people visit Chippendale to step away from the noise and buzz. We want to provide an exciting experience for coffee lovers and foodies and to provide the option of early and late dining."

Toby's Estate Chippendale café is located at 32-36 City Road, Chippendale NSW 2008