The Trouble with Marriage

The Trouble with Marriage

She knew Robin suffered from occasional heartburn, was hopeless at buying Christmas and birthday presents, cared too much about his parents' good opinion and fell asleep in front of the television. He knew she was always depressed before her period, was scatty and disorganised, had a tendency to get people's names wrong and had never recover her waistline after the birth of Lucy. How could romance possibly survive in the face of such unremitting intimacy?

Ten years of marriage have passed for Tilly and Robin. Their two young children, some financial problems, a messy house and an energetic dog have replaced that tingling excitement of their early years together. Yet Tilly is adamant that the love she and Robin have for each other will triumph over such trivial problems and her meddling in-laws, who still have a framed photograph of Robin and his gorgeous ex-girlfriend on their wall. Even when the ex-girlfriend arrives on the scene, she remains firm in her belief of their enduring relationship.

An unexpected, life-changing development, however, ignites the simmering undercurrents of their relationship. Tilly is forced to face the fact that her marriage is under threat. Can she and Robin find a way to recapture the love, lust and fun of their early years or is their marriage ruined? Could William Congreve have been correct when he wrote that, 'Courtship to marriage is as a very witty prologue to a very dull play'? For Tilly's sake, lets hope not!

Another touching yet hilarious novel from Debby Holt, The Trouble with Marriage is a rare exploration of what happened after the 'happy ever after'. As millions of wives and husbands would agree, it's not all a bed of roses!

Debby Holtwas once a rather bad history teacher and then a truly rotten supply teacher before she (and her pupils) were saved by her writing. Her previous books include The Ex-Wife's Survival Guide and Annie May's Black Book. She has five grown-up children and lives in Bath with her nice husband and horrid mortgage.

Simon and Schuster
Author: Debby Holt
ISBN: 9781416526466
Price: $19.95