Bring Your Sexy Back: 7 Tips From A Burlesque Dancer

Bring Your Sexy Back: 7 Tips From A Burlesque Dancer

Bring Your Sexy Back: 7 Tips From A Burlesque Dancer

By Barbara McNally, author of Unbridled

For many people, the idea of sensuality is associated with sexuality. We think of sensual touch, sensual kisses, and sensual moments between the sheets. Being sensual is living in your senses as opposed to your mind. It means connecting to your physical body, as it exists. While being more sensual will make you a better lover, it will also make you more present, creative, vibrant person in general.

So here are some tips to embrace your sexuality at any age:
Live sensually. Experience all your senses, and turn off your judgmental mind a few hours. What do you taste, hear, touch, see and smell when you're focusing on the world around you?

Indulge your sexuality. Turn on your favorite music, wear your favorite scent and lingerie, and pour yourself a glass of champagne.

Be present. A sensual person experiences each moment fully and knows that a simple, complete, fully present, deep inhale can evoke as much ecstasy as anything.

The art of the tease, whether eating an orange or stripping for your lover, is to move deliberately and slowly. Instead of quickly devouring your orange in the morning, turn the process into an anticipatory experience. When you approach your life in this manner, even the most mundane activities take on a heightened level of pleasure and satisfaction.

Find the sensual energy in everything- your foot rolling through a step, your fingers pulling off your glove, your eyes moving from yourself to your lover. No action is too small to ignite your senses.

Sexuality is in our mind, that's why I love burlesque-- it celebrates women's sexual energy at every weight, age and height. If we as women feel great about ourselves, it's easier to enjoy sexual pleasures.

Celebrate! Put on a silly costume, get your hair done, wear the red lipstick and let out your inner diva!

Barbara McNally is a burlesque dancer and former housewife living San Diego, California. When a divorce stripped McNally of her identity as the -perfect wife,' she embarked on a journey of self-discovery to indulge her sexuality and redefine herself. Her new memoir, Unbridled, chronicles her journey from a stifled, predictable housewife to independent and joyous living. Learn more at