Diagnosis Male

Diagnosis Male

Diagnosis Male

A series of laugh-out-loud funny tales about Troy Harvey's visits to various doctors for a variety of ailments.

From hypnotherapists to psychologists and GPs, men will relate, and women will enjoy getting a man's perspective on health matters.

It's a known fact that males don't like going to the doctor's. Whether it's the discomfort of having a stranger & get intimate with you, or just sitting in a waiting room that's infested with germs - most men will go to extreme lengths to put off the inevitable.

That's because when we are finally made to go - usually under pressure from someone just trying to stop us complaining - the little things we convince ourselves are nothing serious become blown out of proportion.

Indigestion becomes a heart attack.
Knee pain becomes MS.
A small itch becomes a flesh-eating virus.
The possibilities are endless - and in Troy Harvey's case, hilarious ...

Diagnosis Male
Harper Collins Australia
Author: Troy Harvey
ISBN: 9780732292591
Price: $24.95