How to Be Single

How to Be Single

She's worked as an executive story editor on 'Sex and the City'. She co-authored the bestselling dating handbook He's Just Not that Into You.

Now Liz Tuccillo has travelled the world on a quest to find out more about the phenomenon of singledom in the 21st century. Her findings are presented in a beautifully executed novel that blows a breath of fresh witty air into contemporary women's fiction.

Julie Jenson is a 37-year-old book publicist in New York. And she's single. And has been for six years. It wasn't that she loved fielding the dreaded question, "So, why are you single?" rather that she simply made a pretty nice life out of her routine: early nights, breakfast smoothies and morning runs. But when her friend Georgia's husband leaves Georgia for a whore gutter trash samba teacher, Julia gathers her closets single friends for one momentous night of New York singlehood.

Along for the ride are Alice, a former legal aid attorney who, after a five-year failed relationship, has quit her job to start dating for a living; Serena, a beautiful woman who, between the new-age workshops and African dance classes, is so busy becoming a fully-realised person, she doesn't find time to date; and Ruby, who is so bad at handling disappointment that she's still in bed mourning the death of her cat, let alone putting herself out there.

Beside their mutual lack of any type of significant other, these woman have nothing in common. So on a night that started with steaks and martinis and ended with topless bar-dancing and a trip to the hospital, Julie gets fed up with New York's illustrious singles scene once and for all. She quits her job and sets off to find how other woman around the world are dealing with his dreaded phenomenon called The Single Life.

From Paris to Israel, to Iceland and back to New York, Julie finds out how to make her crazy life work. Well, kind of.

How to Be Single
Simon and Schuster
Author: Liz Tuccillo
ISBN: 9781921470035
Price: $29.95