Sustaining Arousel

I have been with my partner for over 18 months. I find that he can easilyarouse me but that I can't sustain this feeling for long and that once westart having sex, my mind will suddenly go blank. After sex also I end up feeling blank, or even upset or guilty instead of happy. Why could this beand is there anyway to solve this? It's becoming a big relationship problembecause he thinks it's him who's not performing.

A. There are many reasons for sexual dysfunction, which is what your conditionsounds like. I'm afraid it is going to take a bit of work and digging to getto the source of this issue. If you would like to have email counselling, you can get in touch with me at the address supplied or seek out acounsellor where you live. It's not going to disappear by itself but yes, alot can be done to free you from this `emptiness' during and after sex. Ithink it's guilt-based but I can't tell you why without more information. In the meantime, important tip - don't let it be a problem. Tell yourboyfriend it's not him and refuse to be pressured.

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