SuperNanny Season 1: How to get the best from your children

SuperNanny Season 1: How to get the best from your children

From the Nine Network hit series, acclaimed by millions around the world, Supernanny introduces top techniques and offers invaluable advice on successful parenting. A modern day Mary Poppins, Supernanny Jo Frost has developed unique techniques honed over 16 years of nannying to help parents tame their troublesome kids.

No problem is too great for Supernanny! Whether using the famous Naughty step, or creating a thought box to encourage children to express their true feelings, Supernanny can help you to transform your child's problem behaviour.

Disc One

Jeans Family - It's double trouble with twin girls at mealtimes, out shopping and in the car. Will Supernanny succeed in establishing boundaries and acceptable behaviour?

Bullard Family - The terrible twos hit home, with tantrums, violent outbursts and bedtime issues. Supernanny has a tough task ahead helping parents implement the Sleep Separation Technique.

Orm Family - Where's the discipline? Rude back-chat, bedtime and mealtimes are just a few of the issues? Supernanny must deal with. Will the Snack Box, Naughty Room and new Family Routine do the Trick?

Bonus Feature: Top Ten Supernanny Techniques
Naughty Step, Sleep Separation, Stay in Bed, Off the Hip, Shared Play, Roaming, Involvement, Good Eating, Thought Box, Voice Training.

Disc Two

Wischmeyer Family - Twin girls rule the roost and older brother is often blamed for their bad behaviour. Supernanny helps mum and dad to implement the Naughty Corner. The Thought Box and Same Page Techniques encourage better communication with their son and each other.

Weston Family - Aggression and jealously are causing serious problems. Mealtime and bedtime prove major flashpoints. Supernanny comes to the rescue with new household rules, the Good Eating Technique and guidelines for unacceptable behaviour.

Bailey Family - Watch out for tantrums and tears. Mealtime and bedtime are the main trouble zones. Supernanny implements the Naughty Step and other techniques to help the parents resolve the problems.

Gorbea Family - A toddler with tantrums refuses to let go of Mum! His constant clinging and outbursts are causing problems and mum needs help from dad. Supernanny comes to the rescue introducing the Off the Hip Technique and helps dad to shoulder his share of parenting.

Bonus Feature: Out take Bloopers
Specially selected highlights from the series to make you laugh.

Disc Three

Riries Family - Kids running off outdoors are a worry. Supernanny helps mum implement the Roaming Technique to stop the habit and teaches Mum and Dad the Same Page Technique to bring them together in their parenting.

Burnetts Family - Working from home, Dad has his hands full looking after two sets of twins! Supernanny finds the behaviour unacceptable! Introducing a Family Routine Chart, Naughty Chair and Manage Play technique, soon helps turn around the problem behaviour.

Christiansens Family - Swearing, destruction and lack of respect are ruining family life. Supernanny arrives and helps to restore order with a new Family Schedule, Cool Down Area and Thought Box. Using the Thought Box helps Mum and Dad discuss parenting and household rules.

Bonus Feature: Updates and Tips Show
Supernanny Jo Frost takes random questions from parents in the park. Parents get the chance to receive answers direct from Supernanny! With update visits to five families from the series, this episode is unmissable.

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