Spare Parts Available Now

Spare Parts Available Now

Spare Parts Available Now

Spare Parts, a humourous action adventure game, is now available for download on Xbox LIVE® Arcade and available tomorrow for PlayStation®Network.

Players assume the roles of robots Mar-T and Chip, who find themselves dumped out with the trash on a strange planet. Working together in co-op mode (either local or online) and aided by computer companion Con-Rad (voiced by Simon Pegg), the mechanical duo must find a way to repair an abandoned space ship and escape the planet before evil Lord Krung can dispatch his henchmen. The robot heroes can also collect upgradable action parts - such as Rocket Boots - to unlock awesome new abilities as they battle countless enemies and explore the alien world.

Spare Parts is available for 800 points on XBLA and AU$12.95 / NZ$15.50 on PSN.

In the new launch trailer, Mar-T and Chip battle various deadly enemies and showcase their special abilities, and we are introduced to their nemesis, the evil Lord Krung.

To view the launch trailer, please click: a new producer walkthrough video recently released that has members of the EA Bright Light team discussing various elements of Spare Parts in depth - including level design, inspirations for the unique art style, co-op gameplay and upgradeable Action Parts.

Check out the video to learn more about the team's favourite Action Part and why playing the game in co-op makes for a great experience: