With 'National Shoe The World Day' on March 15th which shines a light on the importance of good footwear for millions in need across the world, we would love to arrange an interview with businesswoman & mom Neely Woodson Powell, who just partnered with the non-profit SOLES4SOULS to donate over 7,000 pairs of shoes to women in developing countries so that they can build their own entrepreneurial empowering businesses.


Neely is the founder of the Charleston Shoe Company and her donation of 7,000 pairs of shoes will create over $65,000 of economic opportunity for families around the world, and provide a full year of income to bring in consistent quality food, housing, and education for 7 families.


The Charleston Shoe Co. began twenty-five years ago when Neely discovered the artistry of a Mexican cobbler named Santiago, whose stylish yet comfortable sandals inspired her. This chance encounter led to the birth of Charleston Shoe Company, a now iconic national brand known for its versatile and fashionable footwear still hand-sewn by skilled artisans in Mexico. Today, Charleston Shoe Company's reach extends nationwide, in addition to their massive online sales they have launched their retail stores and are sold in more than 800 boutiques. Neely's unwavering partnership with the same cobbler she met in 1996 continues to drive the brand's success, and they have hired an additional 60 female cobblers and 180 female employees.



But Neely's story isn't just about shoes; it's about entrepreneurship, determination, and helping women.