Janine Leghissa Desiderate

Janine Leghissa Desiderate

Janine Leghissa, an Australian single Mum to three was recovering from a break up whilst juggling being the sole provider for her kids. She had also just been diagnosed with lupus. To make ends meet she began selling jewellery via Facebook.


Janine founded online jewellery brand Desiderate, which specialises in premium, ethical, handmade modern bohemian jewellery. Desiderate's best selling pieces are chunky silver bangles, stunning gemstone rings, earrings and pendants. 

The response was phenomenal. Janine invested in upscaling the business and learning from scratch how to create, market and sell products online. She wanted to focus on older women who she felt were ignored by major retailers.Five years later, Desiderate is a multi million-dollar business.

Janine is launching a sister label to Desiderate, now focusing on the fashion industry. Taleeta will launch this Summer. Taleeta, offers stylish, all-natural fashions for the modern Australian. Desiderate has won multiple awards for design, customer service and business.



Janine says: "We are incredibly proud to be an award winning jewellery brand. Forget the humble brag " we're unashamedly showing off!It's because of our amazing customers that we have won so many awards. So we thank you for supporting a small, independent Australian business. When you support an award winning jewellery brand, you can buy with confidence. You know that you'll get lovely designs, efficient online shopping and excellent customer service " award winning quality!

I put my heart and soul into this business so it's wonderful to be an award winning jewellery business. To me it's proof that we have a business that is world-class. I think too many women struggle to celebrate their wins. From a young age, we've been conditioned to be humble and quiet. So I can help change that by sharing our success and encouraging you to do the same in your life and business."





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