Schwarzkopf Professional BC Time Restore

Schwarzkopf Professional BC Time Restore

Schwarzkopf Professional BC Time Restore...Anti-Ageing for hair.

Schwarzkopf Professional launches Time Restore with Q10

In the beauty battle to preserve a youthful appearance, it's not just skin that needs to be cared fro. As each individual matures, t heir hair is similarly pront to the aging process. As a result, locks can lose elasticity and become delicate and difficult to manage. Hair is also more likely to become fine, limp and dull. Combat the signs of mature hair with the new BC Time Restore range exclusively from Schwarzkopf Professional. The innovation formulats have been fortified with Q-10technology to meet the specific needs of sophisiticated mature hair.

Extensive research from the Schwarzkopf Professional laboratores has revealed what realy happens to hair over time - production of two keratins (the building blocks of healthy hair) are dramatcially reduced causing hair to become brittle and lifeless. BC Time Restore with Q10-Technology is a unique breakthrough range that rejuvenates and re-charges the composition of the hair returning locks to an optimum appearance.

Coenzyme Q10 is proven to restore youthful glow to skin and now Schwarzkopf Professional has discovered a way to use its potent capabilities on hair too. BC Time Restore uses Coenzyme Q10 to rejuvenate the hair and scalp promoting healthy re-growth, while collagen works to refill the structural gaps in weakened hair leaving it strong and supple. The result is totally timeless vitality.

Restoring Q10 Shampoo
Gentle caring and cleansing for ageing hair that leaves hair soft, healthy and full of vitality.
RRP: $26.95

Restoring Q10 Conditioner
Bespoke conditioning that strengthens and supports ageing hair leaving it resilient and glossy.
RRP: $26.95

Reinforcing Q10 Treatment
A rich rince out treatment that restructures and supports every strand giving a healthy head of strong, supple and shiny hair.
RRP: $26.95

Healthy glossy, thick ha ir is now accessible to every woman regardless of her age so let BC Time Restore with Q10 10 technology from Schwarzkopf Professional restart the clock for sophisticated hair.

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