Save It - Easy Ways To Save Money

Save It - Easy Ways To Save Money

Save It - Easy Ways To Save Money. A book that will save you far more than just money!

Esta Hammond, the author of Save It, was riding high when circumstances suddenly changed and she found herself dealing with massive debt and all of the social and emotional issues connected with it. She realized that she needed to analyse her whole lifestyle to assess how she quickly she could get rid of all her debt and get ahead again. Initially it was to be a short-term measure but her extreme money makeover taught her an amazing lesson about what is important in life and she now continues to live by her "little book of tips".

Melbourne, Victoria October 1st, 2009 - The recent global recession has certainly caused many people to pause for thought about their lifestyle and the benefits of financial independence. This book shows how small changes can make a huge impact on saving money and managing your lifestyle.

Esta Hammond, found herself in financial difficulties well before the credit crunch hit. In the introduction to her book Save It, she describes herself as a "deer in front of the headlights wondering what had just happened" but, having decided to take action, she flung herself into her mission to get back in the black and became the self confessed Household Gestapo! Amazingly, she eliminated her debt within a year but, even more surprisingly to her, she found that she didn't feel that she was missing out on much. In fact, quite the opposite because she started to think about what was important to her lifestyle and no longer spent her time, energy and money worrying about things that weren't.

The book is broken down into sections covering;
o Dollars and Sense
o Home Sweet Home
o Family and Friends
o Getting Around and Staying in Touch
o Lifestyle
o Saving Money While Saving the Planet

Each section challenges the reader to think carefully about their needs and analyse their requirements to make sure that they get value for their money and enjoy what they do spend their hard earned money on.

Esta's background in the financial sector, including working as a Lender for one of Australia's biggest banks, gives her the skills to provide knowledgeable advice in the very important area of budgets and meeting your financial goals. There are also many hints on dealing with banks and financial institutions.

This book could not have come at a better time for the many people reviewing not only their finances but also their appreciation of financial independence. Save It is the key to a lifestyle most people dream of and will soon recoup the investment made in its purchase!

Do you have a debt you need to pay off?

Do you want to get ahead and create a financial buffer?

Would you love to pay off your home loan, save up for something special or take extended time off work?

Every tip that you implement from this book will help you reach your goals faster. Plus most of the tips are beneficial to your health, the environment and your wallet.

Start saving today so that you can afford the special things in your life.

About the Author
Esta Hammond lives in Brisbane, Queensland. She is currently on career leave from her role with a major Australian financial institution whilst writing and launching her book, Save It. In addition to her passion for saving money whilst enjoying life, Esta is a self-confessed "animal nut" and is passionate about her dog, cat and chickens. Her partner (soon to be husband) calls her the crazy cat lady because, if it weren't for him, she would be one of the crazy cat ladies you see on the news with eighty cats!

Review; Esta provides great insight into keeping your finances in check. Most importantly you don't have to sacrifice your living standards to achieve financial independance and security, you just have to be smart about your choices and how you spend your money.

Save It - Easy Ways to Save Money
Author: Esta Hammond
RRP: $24.95.