Owning Your Financial Future: A Woman's Guide to Understanding and Managing Mortgage Payments with Confidence

Owning Your Financial Future: A Woman's Guide to Understanding and Managing Mortgage Payments with Confidence

One of the biggest ambitions of many women all over the world is to achieve the goal of being financially independent and secure. Not so many generations ago, the prospect of a woman having as much financial control in her family (or on her own) as a man was incredibly rare and almost practically unachievable, but it has all changed. Single women and women with a family can have financial security and total independence to make major financial decisions and investments such as signing for a mortgage.

As with anything, the trick to becoming confident in financial dealings is the right knowledge and information to feel enabled to make the right decisions. With a mortgage, this can be done by visiting helpful websites such as What's My Payment, and utilizing internet tools to fill in the gaps in your knowledge and answer questions. Such sites often also provide a mortgage calculator which helps you to understand what level of mortgage you might be offered and how much the payments are likely to be.

Here are some handy tips for how to understand and manage your mortgage payments with confidence.

● Understand Your Mortgage Terms

Make sure that you familiarize yourself with all of the specific terms of your mortgage. This will include things like loan term, interest rate, fixed rate, adjustable rate and any additional charges and fees. Having a detailed knowledge of the key aspects of the mortgage agreement will help you to better calculate your monthly payments to a much more accurate extent, allowing you to budget better.

● Create A Budget

And speaking of budget, it is crucial that you put one in place early on. Take a comprehensive and honest look at your income and expenses and come up with a few goals and rules to determine how much you can realistically pay towards your mortgage each month.

● Plan For Escrow

Check whether or not your mortgage includes an escrow account. This is a separate account that holds funds for things like property insurance and taxes. Every month, a portion of your mortgage payment will be sent to the escrow account, so be prepared for potential changes in premiums that could impact on these escrow payments.

● Always Pay On Time

It is absolutely crucial that you maintain a regular, on-time payment schedule for your mortgage, as this will help you to maintain a good credit score and leave you in a much more attractive position for potential future house moves and other items you might need on credit such as a car.

● Consider Extra Payments

If you ever find yourself in a financially advantageous situation, then you might want to consider making extra payments towards your mortgage when you can. However, it is always worth checking whether you might be subject to prepayment penalties under your contract.

● Communicate With Your Lender

The worst thing that you can do is stick your head in the sand and ignore the parts of your mortgage that you don't understand. Open and honest communication with your lender is a crucial aspect of homeownership, as they will be able to provide the right guidance and help when you need it.

● Be Prepared For Unexpected Costs

Being a homeowner is never going to be plain sailing, so when you are making your budget and deciding how much you can afford to pay each month, keep in mind that you will want to have a little extra left over that can be used to cover any unexpected costs that might crop up. Don't budget yourself so tightly that you never have anything left over, as this will leave you in trouble should you ever need to pay for emergency maintenance or anything else.




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