Getting the most out of your PR Budget

Getting the most out of your PR Budget

Expanding your PR Budget

A little insight from Australia's longest running Independent Online Women's Magazines &

A down turned economy is the 'prime time' to increase your branding. With less competition, there is more value for your dollar. Consumer thirst does not change, but consumers do become smarter researching for the best value.

So how can you translate that to your client to get them the best ROI?

First you need to establish which is your most suitable medium? TV is timely & expensive, Radio is forgotten, Print doesn't make it to the shops, but Internet is instant !

The Internet provides a 24/7 sales desk & showroom for your client & their customers. Using creativity, the Internet can compliment other mediums, plus is the only medium capable of providing trackable results for your client.

Building a website is the easy part, sourcing targeted traffic that converts to qualified leads is a lot harder, so how do you help your client convert PR to sales? With over 89% of Australian households & most businesses now online, the time being spent online is ever increasing. This means including Internet in your mix is pivotal to your PR campaigns overall performance.

If you have an advertising spend, then it's easy, placement branding, mailouts, advertorial & Google AdWords all work, but why focus on one search keyword when you can have 3 or more for the same price? Find out more on how to stretch your spend with guaranteed results at &

But what can you do if there is no budget & creativity is not getting you through the door with publishers? In an expanding competitive market, use product in the absence of spend to tempt your publishers! Competition giveaways are always a favourite, reviews are welcomed, but to push you through faster, offer both. Use competition giveaways to gauge whether this is the right outlet for your spend. Other free branding opportunities include showbags, these often offer event advertising where you have the undivided attention of those in attendance.

Can you run effective surveys that get great results and don't cost an arm and a leg?

Normally you are not left with much change from a couple of thousand dollars, even for the most simple of surveys. And with shrinking budgets this can really drag on the bottom line. Wouldn't it be great to have a resource that you could turn to when you need to do research for your beauty, health, food or female focused brand/service clients? & run surveys for brands as an alternative to research companies and focus groups, giving an average of 1200+ entries with a 97% female audience.

Quick Tips for running successful surveys:
· Define the survey's purpose
· Keep it short & sweet - approx 10 questions
· Put demographic questions last - because they are boring
· Keep it specific & consistent - to avoid confusion
· Do a test on your colleagues, friends, family
· Entice - prizes get girls active

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