Robyngraphs Ties

Robyngraphs Ties

Robyngraphs Ties

Don't wear your heart on your sleeve. Wear your art on your tie, with designer ROBYNgraphs ties and scarves. Corporate doesn't have to be boring with these luxurious ties featuring stunning photographs of Australian landscapes and abstract imagery. Robyngraphs neckties are standout stylish, totally unique and a real conversation starter. Digital print designs range from cotton fields, golf courses to islands, beaches and animals, capturing some of Australia's most beautiful and unique visual elements.

Robyn Hills is an award winning Australian photographer, helicopter pilot and fashion designer. She has launched this collection of designer ties and scarves featuring her breathtaking and award winning aerial photography from around Australia. These exclusive ties of wearable art make for a truly unique gift for a loved one or corporate client.

These striking pieces are designed and hand crafted in Australia from 100% cotton or duchess satin and available for both men and women. Each tie is beautifully finished and packaged with the story behind each image. The collections are designed so when the wearer's suit is buttoned up, it looks like a regular tie, but then opening the jacket reveals the anything but ordinary design.

Robyn has made a career of what she calls -getting paid to be creative'; however Robyn's skills extend far beyond her creative mind. 'The inspiration for many of my designs came from being a helicopter pilot and being able to see the Australian landscape from unusual perspectives. The neckties and scarves I've created are for people looking for accessories with stylish pizzazz to reflect their personality. Those with a zest for life, a sense of adventure and enjoy thinking outside the dots," said Robyn Hills.

For the ultimate gift, Robyngraphs neckties can also be custom made and ordered online, with Robyn flying to a destination of your choice to get that special image captured just for you. Imagine the endless possibilities.

Robyn decided to launch her tie collection after making a one off tie from her famous -Green Man' print, to wear to the opening night of her latest New York photographic exhibition. The tie was an enormous hit, receiving more buying requests than the landscapes hanging on the gallery walls and so Robyngraphs ties had arrived.

Robyn Hills is one of Australia's highest awarded photographers, one of the select few in Australia to achieve the distinction of Master of Photography. As well as awards from the Australian Institute of Professional Photography including being made a -Fellow of the AIPP', -Australian Professional Photographer of the Year', -Queensland Landscape Photographer of the Year' and -Queensland Photographic Artist of the Year.' Notables such as Lord Lichfield, who opened one of her studios, Sir Clem Renouf and tennis legend, Patrick Rafter's family are amongst her clientele.

Robyngraphs ties and scarves start at rrp $79.95 and are available at selected boutiques or online at: or call 07 5493 4455