P - Mate

P - Mate
What is P- Mate?
The P-mate is a unique and innovative solution to problems associated with inadequate toilet facilities. It enables women to pee standing up and eliminates the need to hover over a dirty toilet.

The P-mate is extremely easy to use and reduces the time it takes to go to the toilet because there is no need to completely remove clothing or sit down. The P-mate is completely leak proof. It's quick, clean and designed to fit discretely in your handbag or pocket.

Can it be used with any type of clothing?
Skirts are easiest but pants can be opened at the front without dropping them to the ground, just like a man would. Even if you're wearing tights, the elastic waste band can easily be pushed aside for the P-mate to be put in place.

You can use P-mate in just about any situation where toilet facilities are inadequate including festivals, while travelling or boating. The P-mate can also be used when temporarily incapacitated due to injury, illness or when recovering from surgery. Pregnant women and sufferers of back pain find the P-mate very beneficial.

The P-Mate is environmentally friendly and made from fully recyclable material. You will find disposable bags inside the packaging to use for disposal of a used P-mate into the sanitary bins found in most toilets. RRP $6.99 for a six pack.

Available online at www.p-mate.com.au and www.p-mate.com