Oranges and Sunshine DVD

Oranges and Sunshine DVD

Oranges and Sunshine DVD

Cast: Emily Watson, Hugo Weaving, David Wenham
Director: Jim Loach
Genre: Drama
Rated: M
Running Time: 104 minutes

From the Academy Award winning producers of The King's Speech comes a remarkable recount of real life events starring Hugo Weaving, Emily Watson and David Wenham.

It is 1986 when an Australian woman corners British social worker Margaret Humphreys (Emily Watson) and explains how she was unwillingly put on a boat and sent to Australia at just 4 years of age.

Margaret sets out to help the woman find out who she is but just a week later, she learns of another man with a similar story. In a closer investigation of government archives, she begins to unravel the terrible truth about the thousands of lost children who were shipped from the UK to Australia without their parents' knowledge.

Oranges and Sunshine is the powerful story of Margaret Humphreys and her quest to reunite child migrants with their families in the UK.

Special Features:
Audio commentary with Director, Jim Loach and Writer, Rona Munro
Stolen Childhoods Families Restored: A nation says 'Sorry'
Interviews with Emily Watson and Hugo Weaving
Q+A at the British Film Institute
Photo Gallery

One of the most astounding and captivating movies I've seen based on Australia History. A social worker is found by a daughter from a stolen generation of children who were entrusted to care in England. The government organised exportation of these children with the Australian government who were looking for white citizens.

Over 130,000 were sent to Australia, many to a remote institution called Bindoon. Sent without consent from their parents, many children were told that their parents were dead, but as Margaret (a British Social Worker) soon learns many are still alive. Margaret goes on a journey to help these migrants reconnect with their parents, but during her journey learns some horrible truths of abuse and slavery within the confines of institutions like bindoon.

A heart renching story, gives the account of a few of these children and definitely well worth watching.

Oranges and Sunshine
RRP: $39.95