Neat Feat to the Rescue

Top foot care products for healthy feet

When it comes to finding foot care products suitable for the whole family and products that treat all foot conditions, there's only one name you need to know - Neat Feat. And they have products for all types of feet.

Hot feet, painful feet, smelly feet, young feet, old feet, athletic feet, party feet, women's feet, men's feet, cracked feat and even diabetic feet.

Developed by leading sports physicians all products are medical grade and guarantee to solve your foot care problems.

Fill in the cracks

Cracked heels not only look unsightly but can be extremely painful, so get those cracks under control. Neat Feat Foot and Heel Balm is the most effective product on the market as it contains urea, a powerful active ingredient restores the natural balance of the affected area and it is oil based so the ointment stays over the affected area repairing the damage and rehydrating the skin. Neat Feat Foot and Heel Balm is recommended by podiatrists.

Neat Feat Foot and Heel Balm
RRP: 19.95/75g or $14.95/100g (Special offer - 2 for 1 Shoe Powder available this Summer)

Hot, Swollen Feet

This fantastic spray is totally energising, cooling (perfect for aching party feet or hot, cramped sports feet) and should be in everyone's handbag or gym bag. It contains feet hygiene antiperspirant and deodorant ingredients, gives immediate comfort to throbbing tired feet, and has a light fresh fragrance.

Neat Feat Cool Foot Spray
RRP: $10.95

Fierce Foot Odour

The world's first deodorant for your feet, this brilliant product prevents excessive foot perspiration and eliminates foot odour. It also helps prevent nasty foot infections that are more prevalent in summer including tinea. It improves foot hygiene and foot comfort. The deodorant contains moisturising agents to prevent the feet from cracking, and the active ingredient aluminium is the most effective antiperspirant available. Aluminium is safe and effective and it's even used as a filter for most town water systems. It is easy to use - simply roll on your feet.

Neat Feat Roll on Foot Deodorant
RRP: $10.95

Stinky shoes

Neat Feat Shoe Powder keeps feet dry, contains an active ingredient that acts as an antiperspirant to reduce wetness and helps control both foot and shoe odour, and given the level of active has antifunghal properties which may prevent minor foot infections. It's extremely effective and suitable for the whole family.

Neat Feat Shoe Powder
RRP: $10.95 (Special offer - 2 for 1 Shoe Powder available this Summer)

For the girls

The must-have Femme Slimline Gel range is based on a super-soft gel that offers superior cushioning and can dramatically reduce and alleviate even the most severe foot pain and problems.

From blisters to bunions, heel pain, corns and calluses and ball of the foot pain which can severely inhibit any party princess this fabulous range includes Heel Shields and Heel Cushions, Bunion Protector, Blister Pads, Corn Pads, Forefoot Insole and the fabulous and ingenious Slingback Strips. Step out in style.

Femme Slimline Gel Range
RRP: $8.95

Pain in the foot

Neat Feat orthotic products have been tested, developed and used by doctors, podiatrists and people from all works of life in 17 countries for over 10 years, and will definitely take all your foot woes away.

The range includes: Heel Cups, Heel Lifts, Arch Cushions, Spur Pads, Max Foot Support, Walk Straights, Hiker/Casual Insoles, High Impact Sport Insoles, Comfort Insoles, Odour Guard Insoles.

Neat Feat Orthotics
RRP: from $19.95

Products available through leading Pharmacies, Priceline, Coles, Woolworths and some Independent Supermarkets

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