My Soulmate Was A Frog

My Soulmate Was A Frog

Many of us think that falling in love involves a simple case of boy meets girl, boy and girl liking each other, then they go off and live happily ever after. Yet is finding love really that straightforward?

In this fascinating new book, Andrew Trees draws from the latest studies in economics, neuro-chemistry, game theory, evolutionary psychology and other fields to take on a topic we all think we understand - how we fall in love - and turn it on its head.

Page turning, thought provoking, and sparkling with wit, Decoding Love offers surprising new insights into the nature of attraction, as well as an intimate look at the strange intersection of romance an the modern world of dating.

Discover why:
Certain perfume fragrances make you appear slimmer
Human testicle size is an indicator of our promiscuous past
You need to date twelve people to find Mr or Mrs Right - and the mathematical theory behind it.
Prudish behaviour is desirable
Not getting married is worse for a man than a woman
Single women have greater life satisfaction than their married counterparts
The dating world functions as a cold, efficient market place where men and woman are judged by specific values
It's better not to be too much in love
and much more!

My Soulmate Was A Frog
Hay House Australia
Author: Andrew Trees
ISBN: 9781848501805
Price: $19.95

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