Author Links Male Masterbation to Unsatisfying Sex

Author Links Male Masterbation to Unsatisfying Sex

"Women are having a very difficult time reaching orgasm, and its not because they arent wired properly. Guys arent getting it done in the bedroom, and thats all there is to it."

Author Wade Young states that the main reason women spend a lifetime having bad sex is because their men dont put out enough effort in the bedroom. "The fact is," as Wade puts it, "not that many married women are reaching orgasm, and a miniscule amount of them reach orgasm regularly." Wade Young has written the book My Brain Doesnt Cheat On My Wife to help guys achieve mental monogamy, and in turn, to help women become sexually satisfied. "When I stopped fantasizing about other women, ended masturbation completely, and began directing all my sexual energy towards my wife 'surprise' my wife went from being one of those unfortunate women who had never had an orgasm to reaching orgasm every time we have sex." According to Wade, a guy only has so much sexual energy. If its being frivolously expended on random fantasies and masturbation, theres not enough energy left to make sex with the wife what it needs to be. "When your wife owns your sex life, mentally and physically, she stands a significant chance of becoming sexually satisfied herself."

Not attracted to your wife? Author Wade Young has a solution. One of the added benefits to ending masturbation and illicit thoughts is that it makes your wife a lot more attractive. "My wife is way better looking now that she doesn't have to compete with every other woman on the planet. My wife is my sexual partner...not the female half of the species," says Wade.

Author Wade Young wants women to understand that a lot of guys start a masturbation habit early in life, and they don't necessarily give it up after they get married. "There are a lot of happily-married-masturbators out there," says Wade. And don't think these guys are masturbating while thinking about their wives. Even worse, these mental sexcapades oftentimes carry over into the marital bedroom. Wade explains it: "When guys jerk off they are thinking about off-limits women. Unfortunately, I've had 'good' guys admit to me that they are also thinking about other women when they have sex with their wives."

"Another reason I gave up masturbation," says Wade, "is because it was hard to feel like a man while bangin' one out in the bathroom." According to author Wade Young, a secret masturbation life is emasculating, no two ways about it. "I determined to behave like a real man even when no one was looking, and I haven't regretted it a bit," says Wade.

With New Year's Resolutions looming, Wade says that one of the best things a guy can do in 2007 is to commit to becoming the king of his bedroom. "You want to have a washboard stomach or get a raise? Fine. Just make sure you add 'sexually satisfying your wife' to your New Year's Resolution list. If you're a guy who masturbates, you need to make nixing the masturbation habit your #1 New Year's Resolution."

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