Miss Minit Ultimate Shoe Care Range

Miss Minit Ultimate Shoe Care Range

Miss Minit Ultimate Shoe Care Range

It's no secret that women love their shoes, but it can be a love-hate relationship when discomfort sets in. From burning pains in the balls of your feet to sore blisters on your heels, wearing your favourite pumps can result in prolonged damage to your lower limbs.

A new range of shoe care products has been launched across Australia aimed exclusively at women, providing fashionable comfort and protection in any shoe style. The Miss Minit range, launched by Mister Minit, will include cushions, gel pads and heel grips to alleviate discomfort, as well as water & stain protectors, polish pens and shoe shine cloths to help you maintain the lustre of your precious shoes and handbags.

'We wanted to create a stylish range that helps to ease the discomfort woman often feel when wearing high heels and Miss Minit is designed specifically for the modern, well-heeled woman who could do with extra comfort," says Kylee Young, Mister Minit Shoe Care Expert.

So next time you throw on your heels, consider these shoe care products to ease your feet along. For the full range of Miss Minit products, RRP and product features, please see below.

Gel Heel Grips
Prevent those painful heel blisters.

Reusable and washable
Used to prevent chafing or as a fitting aid to stop shoes slipping
Clear gel, ultra slim and discreet
2 Pairs RRP: $6.95
Suede Heel Grips
Increase the grip of loose-fitting shoes, provide padded comfort and reduce heel blisters.
Ideal for use in shoes with heal counter
Genuine suede leather, slim and discreet
Gives extra life to hosiery
2 Pairs RRP: $6.95

Gel Heel Cushions

Provide invisible cushioning to prevent the burning pain in your heels.
Clear gel, ultra slim and discreet
Reusable and washable

2 Pairs RRP: $9.95

Gel Sling Backs Straps
Prevent the pain of shoes rubbing and sling backs slipping.
Reusable and washable
Invisible, slim and discreet
Long lasting protection
Stop straps cutting into your heel and causing blisters
2 Pairs RRP: $4.95

Velvet Soft Cushions
Helps to prevent burning pain in the balls of your feet.
Shock absorbing gel cushions, ultra slim and discreet
Help keep feet dry
Non-slip grip to stay firmly in place
Ideal for all shoe types from sandals to boots
1 Pair RRP – $9.95   

Leather Cushions
Breathable, genuine leather helps your feet stay cool, dry and odour free.
Charcoal activated foam backed  insoles to help control foot odour
Slim fit, ideal for closed shoes and boots
Non-slip adhesive to stay firmly in place

1 Pair RRP – $9.95


Foam Latex Cushions
Lightweight, latex cushioning insoles that provides comfort all day long.
Use as a fitting aid for loose shoes and to push feet away from the toe box
Use at the ball of your feet to add extra cushioning comfort
2 Pairs RRP – $9.95

Water & Stain Protector
Protect your favourite shoes, boots, bags and clothing from water and oil based stains.
Suitable for fabric, leather, suede
Repels water yet allows leather to breathe naturally
Preserves and protects
RRP – $12.95   

Shoe Shine Sponge
Clean and shine all colours of leather and patent leather instantly.

No polishing or buffing is required
No mess, no fuss application
Clean, quick and handy

RRP – $6.95

Immaculate Clean
Clean and refreshes all smooth leather, vinyl, plastic rubber, nylon, cork, synthetics and faux leather.

Mild water based cleaner
Easy and quick to use
Use inside and outside of shoes and bags
RRP – $12.95

Touch Up Polish Pen- White & Black
Instantly repairs scuffs and scratches on shoes and heel.

Instant shine formula
Quick drying
No polishing required
No mess applicator
Contains self-shining waxes
RRP – $9.95 each  

Microfibre Polish Cloth
Polish more effectively, reaching into surface pores and crevices.
Polishes better than a cotton cloth!
Lifts and locks dirt and moisture deep within its fibres
Machine washable
Use wet to clean and dry to polish
RRP – $6.95

Miss Minit is available at Mister Minit 254 stores nationally to find your closest Mister Minit location, visit www.misterminit.com.au.


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