Mag Playstation 3

Mag Playstation 3


Developer: Zipper Interactive
Launch Date: 11 Feb 2010
Genre: Online shooter
Rating: M

From the award-winning developer Zipper Interactive, comes the evolution in online gaming: MAG. A firstperson, online-only shooter, MAG lets you experiencebattles with up to 256 real people across a global battlefield.

Players join one of three PMCs fighting each other in a shadow war and can either become skilled operatives or rank up to eventually command their private army to victory. Featuring unprecedented online action of a scale never before devised, with player controlled strategic assets such as calling in air strikes, mortar barrages, and parachute insertions; the persistent Shadow War in MAG keeps players coming back for more.

Utilising a sophisticated ranking system and chain of command model, MAG manages the large number of players by breaking them down into squads of eight players. Players climb their way up the chain of command to take control of their 8-person squad, then 32-person platoon, and ultimately a 128-person army.

Big battlefields makes MAG the ultimate venue to wage war!

Online only, Multiplayer, supports matches with up to 256 players, but the average match is 32 player contest.

There are 3 factions to choose from; Sever, Valor & Raven. Once you have chosen your squad you can kill enemies, heal allies, destroy, repair or capture battlefield assets earning experience points that improve your ranking and equipment.

You can tweak your character, but you are not meant to be an army of 1, it's a team play game. There are a variety of targets that you need to acquire as a squad, with two play modes; acquisition & domination.

There is no shortage of opponents to shoot for those trigger happy and some engaging command roles if you can earn one.

Playstation 3
RRP: $109.95