Knitting Craze

Knitting Craze

There's nothing mumsy about it. From the models backstage before the catwalk to the hottest Hollywood stars swapping designs, to everyday Australian women keeping needle in the yarn on hand, knitting is cool again and everybody is doing it.

Girls, women and even some men, from all walks of life are at the bus stops, hairdressers, bars and cafes, clicking their needles with wild abandon. More than just a hobby, this new generation has embraced knitting as a fun, creative, outlet. Fuelled by the star quality of Gwyneth Paltrow, Julia Roberts and friends, this tactile craft has become the latest craze, but somehow this one seems to be here to stay.

The "Urban Knitter" (young urban dweller who knits), has discovered the calming effect knitting has on their otherwise stressful environment. Many women are describing knitting as their "chill out" time, meditative in its nature. The bonus of course is the productive quality knitting has. Whilst relaxing you are also rewarded with an item that you alone have created. It's very personal, everyone loves to achieve and knitting gives you something to show off and be proud of.

From scarves, blankets, cushions, jumpers, tops, socks, beanies, even bikinis, women are taking knitting into the millennium. Not only are they knitting clothes, but they are creating their own slant on groovy homewares. Grandma's craft will never be the same again.

This rapidly growing trend is also one of convenience, easily transportable and therefore always accessible. This is what makes knitting thrive. Women are carrying their knitting everywhere and are picking up their needles and yarn whenever they can.

Australian brands like Cleckheaton and Patons have responded in a huge way to the increase in popularity. Patons designer, Heather Granger stated that yarns and patterns today are conceptual and unique with a range that is mind blowing. "The demographic of knitters has changed and to suit we have created dynamic, modern yarns with colours and textures traditionally only available to labels and top fashion designers", she explained. "These days there is choice, from cosy winter wools, to cool cottons to faux fur, there is a yarn to suit any persons style. The options are as endless as the imaginations that want to create the designs."

Knitting never went away, it's just been rediscovered by a brand new generation of hip, urban 20 & 30 somethings.