Intimacy: Revelation Journey

Intimacy: Revelation Journey

Intimacy: Revelation Journey

Intimacy: Revelation Journey, by Steven Burger, is a creative exploration of eternity that takes readers on a supernatural journey from Heaven to Earth and back again, only to supernaturally return to Earth a very different world.

The book helps readers discover the true meaning of intimacy and relationship with the Almighty God, the meaning of life on Earth and the mysteries of life revealed by God himself.

After reading Intimacy: Revelation Journey, Burger hopes readers will experience the end from the beginning, the beginning from the end, revelation of divine design and purpose, all in preparation to accept and flourish in their never-ending, intimate love gift – eternity.

'I want readers to find the book as an astonishing reveal of so much past, present and future, particularly all about the supernatural of God and Heaven," says Burger. 'I was merely God's instrument to bring this to the world."

Intimacy: Revelation Journey captivates audiences as a spiritual adventure of unimaginable splendor and grandness; bringing lasting, miraculous change to all life on the planet.

Steven Burger is a 30-year veteran of the Hollywood Motion Picture industry. As an author, he is bringing to life his divine supernatural experiences in order to unite the world in the spirit of God. As God's instrument, he is bringing this incredibly important information to the world. From a personal standpoint, he is a husband, Christian, former football player and founder/owner of Heavenly Intimacy Ministries. Burger currently lives in Newport Beach, California.

Intimacy: Revelation Journey
Author: Steven Burger
ISBN: 9781449779634

Interview with Steven Burger

Question: Why did you decide to write Intimacy: Revelation Journey?

Steven Burger: God's Spirit Divinely intervened and caused me to write of my supernatural experiences with Him, and to write the book at that specific time according to His ordained timing for Revealing to the World, the things that are too come, very soon. Thus the 'need' for Intimacy with God in these Last Days or End Times we are in at this very moment.

Question: Who did you have in mind as an audience when you wrote Intimacy: Revelation Journey?

Steven Burger: The entire world, as all mankind are God's creation, His children.

Never the less, there is a strong focus on the Hollywood Entertainment Industry where I worked for nearly 30 years and we are a Media Ministry, plus the Wealthy International world as well as the Scientific community. God wants to restore His Spirit and Purpose for their lives and spread the Supernatural visual message of the book on a Divine Grand Scale. These specific people groups have tremendous influence on the world at large, God is determined to bring them back into Intimacy with Him, as well as the world they are influenced by, to prepare them for what is coming to this planet and make them Rapture Ready.

Question: What research did you do prior to commencing work on Intimacy: Revelation Journey?

Steven Burger: The book is not a esearch piece, nor documentary, nor a study of biblical history or subjects, nor is it religious preaching. The book is about my personal Supernatural experiences with God, many out of body experiences including being taken into Heaven, the Millennium and Eternity after the Millennium, many times over the past 23 years. It is God's Spirit pouring out to a very deceived lost dark world about to enter a time in history, as has never existed before.

Question: What do you hope readers take away from Intimacy: Revelation Journey?

Steven Burger: Their own personal Divine Experiences with God, made Rapture Ready, and actually step into their Original Divine Design Purpose leading to their inheritance - Eternity, the final chapter Grand Climax of the book.

Question: Can you tell us about the upcoming feature film in which Intimacy: Revelation Journey is the prelude?

Steven Burger: The Movie is the 'visual display' in detail of the book, a character and story driven huge budget Feature Film.

Certainly not a documentary!

The movie takes the audience on a Supernatural Journey from Heaven to Earth and back again, leading to Armageddon, the 2nd Coming, the Millennium and the Grand Finale' of Eternity.

As stated in the book, Earth bound languages are far too limiting, and in no way serve to be sufficient in taking anyone on such a Divine Journey. Only Visually and Audibly can the stunning Supernatural experiences be shared with any lasting great impact.

The Movie is to open up the mind and spirit to God personally, providing the audience with a Threshold or Gateway into the Supernatural Absolute Truth Reality of Who God is and where mankind goes from here. The Love and Grace of God will take over once a person is yielded by virtue of their free will to allow God to BE GOD inside them and in their life affairs, which are quickly coming to a dramatic change of Eternal life beyond any thing ever conceived by Man or Religions or New Age.

Interview by Brooke Hunter