The new wire free InterBrush from CareDent is a great alternative to dental floss and perfect for cleaning the hard to reach areas between teeth. Designed to thoroughly clean spaces that are difficult to get to, the InterBrush is Australia's only wire free dental brush. The soft, rubber bristles are gentle and flexible, ideal for cleaning around bridges, implants, crowns and braces.


'CareDent's InterBrush is an effecting alternative to flossing and gentler on teeth and gums," explained Dr Dinesh Sanmuganathan of Orthodontics at Tamworth. 'The rubber brushes are less harsh on the teeth but still effective at eliminating fragments of food and build-up of tooth plaque between teeth."


Here, Dr Sanmuganathan offers some dental care tips for cleaning the hard to reach places between teeth;


Regular use

Use the InterBrush every day to help remove plaque and keep your mouth fresh and healthy. Plaque constantly forms between the teeth and this area is impossible to reach with a regular toothbrush.


Choose the right size

The size of the gaps between people's teeth can vary greatly. It is important to choose the right size brush for each area to guarantee a comprehensive clean. InterBrush is available in three sizes so every area can be reached.


Choose a wire free brush

A wire free brush will be gentler on the teeth while offering the flexibility to clean every area in the mouth.


Gum inflammation

Don't stop cleaning between your teeth if your gums are sore or bleed; it may be a sign of gum inflammation. If the problem persists after a few days, contact a dental professional.


CareDent InterBrush is available in small, medium and large from Priceline, Coles and IGA nationwide or online at

RRP $7.90

For more information, visit or call 1800 800 303 for more details.