Hollywoodland Dispelling the myth surrounding the scandalous death of a superher

Hollywoodland Dispelling the myth surrounding the scandalous death of a superher

Starring: Ben Affleck ... George Reeves / Adrien Brody ... Louis Simo / Diane Lane ... Toni Mannix / Bob Hoskins ... Eddie Mannix
Director: Allen Coulter
Genre: Drama
Rated: M 15+
Running time: 121 Minutes

Unravel one of the greatest Hollywood mysteries of all time - the death of George Reeves, the original Superman, when HOLLYWOODLAND comes to DVD on 18 July 2007.

In 1959 it was reported that the 'Man of Steel' was killed by a single gunshot wound in puzzling and unsolved circumstances. The mystery surrounding this death has now been brought to life in HOLLYWOODLAND, a beautifully crafted, dramatic account of the intrigue behind Reeves' perplexing death.

Starring Academy Award® winner BEN AFFLECK (Good Will Hunting), in one of his most acclaimed performances as George Reeves, the story begins when the Los Angeles Police Department closes the case, leaving millions of fans mourning the death of Reeves - the real-life Superman. With many questions unanswered, it is his mother who employs the services of private detective Louis Simo, played by Academy Award® winner ADRIEN BRODY (The Pianist), to try and crack the case.

HOLLYWOODLAND follows Simo as he sifts through the secret life of Reeves, uncovering dangerous truths that end with Reeves' stormy affair with Toni Mannix (DIANE LANE), the wife of MGM studio executive Eddie Mannix, played by the brilliant BOB HOSKINS. But for Simo, it doesn't end there, as his own life becomes entwined in the seedy and treacherous underbelly of Hollywood in the 1950's.

Based on the true story of one of the greatest unsolved mysteries of all time, HOLLYWOODLAND is a film combining the perfect mix of conspiracy and outstanding performances, offering viewers a unique window into the golden era of Hollywood.

HOLLYWOODLAND on DVD is brimming with special features including a Hollywood comparison of 'Then and Now', a 'Re-creating Old Hollywood' feature and audio commentary with director ALLEN COULTER.

This must-see movie demonstrates how only Hollywood can create and destroy the myth of a real-life superhero, and delves into the mysteries surrounding one of the most renowned and unsolved crimes.

Available at all major DVD retailers; HOLLYWOODLAND endeavours to answer the question - what really happened to the 'Man of Steel'?

Review: An insightful look behind the original Man of Steel and his story of rising to fame and the mystery around his death. Just when you think you have it figured out the Director takes you on a new journey, that will keep you guessing and questioning even after it's finished.