Hallmark itty bittys

Hallmark itty bittys

Hallmark itty bittys


Hollywood celebrity kids are loving itty bittys® and this Christmas so will yours!

They may only be 10 centimetres tall but itty bittys®, a new collectible plush rangefrom Hallmark, have children and adults alike demanding more.

Conceived by a Hallmark designer while doodling during a brainstorm, itty bittys® are fun, washable and highly collectible. With new characters being released throughout the year, and others retiring, Hallmark is driving the collectability craze.

To date, Hallmark has sold more than 1 million itty bittys® worldwide and has increased production to keep up with demand.

The itty bittys® range has grown from eight to more than 40 iconic characters from film, comics and television including Star Wars™, Frozen, the Wizard of Oz™, The Avengers ™ and DC Comics™.

There's even an adorable Christmas range featuring Santa, Rudolph and Clarice -with so many characters to choose from, it's easy to find the ideal stocking filler or Kris Kringlegift for children this year.

Celebrity parents Katie Holmes, Mario Lopez and Tori Spelling have already jumped on the itty bittys® bandwagon with the A-listerstaking to social media to show off their purchases and excited children.

Hallmark itty bittys® retail for $7.99 and are available from Target, newsXpress, The Lucky Charm and other independent newsagents and gift stores. For more information visit www.hallmarkcards.com.au/itty-bittys

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